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Erase and reprogram – The power of self talk !


Ashu ( now 14 year old)  was just 18 months old when we decided to move to US . She was a very shy child , the moment she will see someone coming closer to her she would come running to us and hide behind us and people would invariably say ” oh! your daughter is too shy ” . I was more angered by the comments than my daughters shyness.

Got hold of a book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself  by Shad Helmstetter and then starts my fascination for self talk.

The first self talk that we wrote for our daughter –

I am very bold  and i can say hello

I am very beautiful , i have lovely hair and skin

I can do magic with words and i love numbers .

I love me and respect others .

She was   just two and she would repeat after us before she went to bed . Yes, people have teased us and told that it is brain washing  and then i would say if people around us can do the negative brain washing  then definitely a positive one can minimize the damage .

Self talk !!!
Self Talk is the way your mind speaks to you in all situations, from daily routines to difficult life events. It is the voice that can either encourage you or chastise you. The good news is by listening to your inner dialog and shifting it to become more in line with what you really want, you can transform your life.

Now i help people to write their own self talk , image makeover that starts from “inside “.

As for Ashu , she has grown up to be a amazing confident young lady, a rebel ( at 14 )  but a pretty confident one 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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Caring for your outfits !!!!!

During all wardrobe restyling sessions ‘caring for clothes ‘ is  what I always talk about, i hate when the outfits are damaged when you have to put in so much of effort to build a workable wardrobe .

  • Batch similar colors to cut down on loads. T-shirts and shirts can be washed together.
  • A front-loader washing machine is far gentler on your clothes than a top-loader. Hand washing is best, but hey, who has time. (Bonus: front-loaders are usually more efficient in water/power usage and better for the environment)
  • Use less detergent than recommended – past a point more detergent doesn’t mean cleaner, it just builds up in your clothes.
  • Just because it doesn’t smell, doesn’t mean it isn’t dirty
  • Never dry clothes in the sun (except for whites) – it will bleach the colors very quickly.
  • Dry cleaning is very harsh on your clothes, try to keep it to the minimum
  • Dress/Shirts should be washed after every wear. If you wear undershirts/camisoles they can be worn 2 to 4 times before washing, depending on what sort of treatment they get while being worn, what sort of environment you wear them in.
  • NEVER re-iron the dress /shirt after wearing them once – you’re cooking the sweat, dirt, dust etc. into the fabric and significantly increasing the likelihood it will smell after a short time. Ironing a dress /shirt is not the same as washing it – it doesn’t clean it.
  •   If you press the pants yourself, don’t iron directly on the fabric, it will go shiny – use a damp ironing cloth
  • Care with love ..
  • Babita Jaishankar
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Pleasures having daughters :)

A lazy Sunday and in the evening you have  to go to a high profile wedding … hmmm noooo i don’t want to spend a Sunday in a parlor .  Ashu ( my 14 year old ) comes up and say can i style your hair and this is how it all started ….

IMG_2856 IMG_2859

After applying Garnier’s leave on serum  she combed the hair well . She used the Velcro rollers and rolled smaller sections of hair to it . The smaller rollers were used towards the nape of the neck and at the crown of the head she used the wider rollers. The rollers were left on my hair for an hour or two till i was done with the Sunday  afternoon nap :). The curls were just worked with fingers ( no combing please ) and were pinned at the back to give that 60’s updo .

IMG_2867 IMG_2877

Happy Weekend and fun partying ….


Babita Jaishankar

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Color, color in my wardrobe, which is the best of all ?

For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself which colors really complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes. By determining what hues are the most flattering, you can fashion a wardrobe that makes you look fantastic every day.
And this is how my color profiling sessions starts – loads and loads of colors , the pinks , the blues . the greens ……yes , even men goes through this exercise to understand the best colors for them

But why ?

Not only will the right colors make you look  fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too.


IMG_2842IMG_2840IMG_2841 IMG_2843IMG_2839 IMG_2844

So are you warm or  cooool cool 😉  what is your color profile ?


Babita Jaishankar

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My canvas!!!!

I love to accessorize – colorful and dramatic neck pieces , shoes/boots , and belts/bags .   So if you are a person like me have at least one dress in your wardrobe that can be your canvas to create all those different looks . Here is a warm white dress in 100% linen from BAJA

Collage bab IMG_1200 IMG_2079 IMG_2822

….. And go wild with imagination 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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New wardrobe or call it wardrobe restyling :)

I remember that moment so very clearly, when she ( let me not name her , let us call her Mrs L) calls up and ask me if i am available  that weekend to help her in shopping/wardrobe restyling.

From some one who is been following my page and FB photos She came to a not so familiar city stayed back for two days and did what she came for “SHOPPING with Babita jaishankar ” , thank you for trusting me Mrs L

“Hi Babita
I’ve booked my tickets and will arrive in Bangalore at 11am tomorrow. She ( that is Amrutha  ) mentioned that we can meet after 12pm and follow up with two days of shopping. I return to Hyderabad  on Monday evening.”

And the next two days where we were hopping from  from one  trial room to another , me eagerly waiting, going through tons of accessories – jewellery, bags and shoes and it ended all well with an amazing wardrobe.


First thing first , the hairstyling part ….


IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2755 IMG_2756Being a classic personality she  likes her garment to be well fitted, classic pieces but if not kept on watch their wardrobe or dressing tends to get little boring. So i have added some bling to the footwear and some interesting accessories. She has a clear color profile so the colors what we choose are also clear .

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2764

Enjoy a wardrobe that says a lot about who you are 🙂


Babita jaishankar

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