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Crazy wednesdays

 I love colors and i also love the simplicity of a dress, created these dresses with Indian vintage sarees that is delicate and spectacular fusion of Indian silhouettes with the western top up .


The bandhani saree , stylized by varying lengths of the pallu as pockets and also as the hoodie.


Silhouette in advanced version of Indian short kurta, with a rich mauve sweetheart neckline .  Bold, sumptuous  and inspired by Indian mythological era it stands out and speaks for itself.

So enjoy your  Wednesdays  wearing something different and as crazy as “U”


Babita Jaishankar

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Color, color in my wardrobe, which is the best of all ?

For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself which colors really complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes. By determining what hues are the most flattering, you can fashion a wardrobe that makes you look fantastic every day.
And this is how my color profiling sessions starts – loads and loads of colors , the pinks , the blues . the greens ……yes , even men goes through this exercise to understand the best colors for them

But why ?

Not only will the right colors make you look  fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too.


IMG_2842IMG_2840IMG_2841 IMG_2843IMG_2839 IMG_2844

So are you warm or  cooool cool 😉  what is your color profile ?


Babita Jaishankar

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