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The Re-stylist

Wardrobe restyling – Create a new wardrobe with existing wardrobe.

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You can create fresh new outfits—without shelling out a dime—by shopping in your own closet. Of course, it helps to have a professional help on hand to help you pull together some figure-flattering looks from your existing wardrobe. So we the help Babita Jaishankar Image coach , aka The re- stylist , since her specialty is doing exactly that—restyling the clothes you already own .According to her , you’ve got a treasure trove of clothes sitting in your closet right now. “People wear less than one-third of their wardrobe,” she says. “There’s no reason not to wear perfectly good clothes. It’s about showing people a whole new wardrobe from what’s already in their closet, and helping them get excited about it again.”

  • Lifestyle – analysis of life style ( to understand the dressing needs).
  • Personality analysis – analysis of the personality ( to choose according to ones personality and to dress accordingly )
  • Unclutter your wardrobe
  • Mix and match with available options
  • Create multiple looks
  • Learn to accessorize well

Reach us at  to book for a group or for individual sessions .




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Being alive!!!

Stay alive through your clothes. Not every place and occasion require the same clothes that are set out for everyday use. A fun night out, a day at work, they do not call for the same shades or styles. Change with the occasion; mold yourself according to where and when you go somewhere or do something. This may seem like a little to make a fuss about, but it is extraordinary how much of a difference some fun or a brighter color can do once in a while. Make someone feel special, or stray from the dreary road of dead routine once in a while, to stir things up a bit. And just in case this laptop screen is getting a little fuzzy to those straining eyes, climb out of your office clothes, change into something cuter and have a great night out this lovely Sunday, or just bring out that inner child in you, go play some ball.



During every wardrobe restyling session i hear ( men and women ) complaining about  no ” fun” wardrobe . Routine should not define your clothes. Throwing on the same shades or styles day after day, simply because it is comfortable to do so becomes such a drag after a while. Opening the door of your cupboard and seeing the same old sets of clothes that have faded with use. These cupboards often lack a certain necessary, fun element.

Have fun in trying something new today…


Babita Jaishankar

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Is it too fit or am I fat!!

Most of the time when I am talking about the fit of an outfit the image people get in their mind is someone who is fat. It is more than just extra kilos on a person, it is true for a petite and also for  a large individual. The clothes what we wear influence the way we think, we feel about ourselves, the way we act and the way others responds to us. If you are wearing something that doesn’t fit you properly you are think about your appearance all the time, you feel physically and mentally uncomfortable and hence affects the way you act.

Wearing something that doesn’t fit bring in the negative focus, yours as well as that of others. If our clothes are too tight, then no matter what size we are we still will feel fat. The clothing which is of smaller size makes you look larger, if it feels tight it looks tight, making you look stuffed in.  Instead slip into something which is of proper fit and there is enough room for movement, we can carry on things that are of more importance.

Clothing that is too large also shouts dissatisfaction with your body. A fabulous fit makes you a person who looks fit with a good taste, judgment and also who gives attention to details.

Baja on the rack

Most of the time when I am restyling a wardrobe it is sad when you see the client’s clothing size has gone up by one or two but they don’t want to invest on new clothing to fit their current size until they lose those extra kilos.  It is a down ward cycle as it leaves them depressed and dissatisfied with life and themselves. It takes a lot of positive determination to live in the body that you are ‘today’. Don’t wait on your weight to look and feel fabulous.


Babita  Jaishankar

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New wardrobe or call it wardrobe restyling :)

I remember that moment so very clearly, when she ( let me not name her , let us call her Mrs L) calls up and ask me if i am available  that weekend to help her in shopping/wardrobe restyling.

From some one who is been following my page and FB photos She came to a not so familiar city stayed back for two days and did what she came for “SHOPPING with Babita jaishankar ” , thank you for trusting me Mrs L

“Hi Babita
I’ve booked my tickets and will arrive in Bangalore at 11am tomorrow. She ( that is Amrutha  ) mentioned that we can meet after 12pm and follow up with two days of shopping. I return to Hyderabad  on Monday evening.”

And the next two days where we were hopping from  from one  trial room to another , me eagerly waiting, going through tons of accessories – jewellery, bags and shoes and it ended all well with an amazing wardrobe.


First thing first , the hairstyling part ….


IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2755 IMG_2756Being a classic personality she  likes her garment to be well fitted, classic pieces but if not kept on watch their wardrobe or dressing tends to get little boring. So i have added some bling to the footwear and some interesting accessories. She has a clear color profile so the colors what we choose are also clear .

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2764

Enjoy a wardrobe that says a lot about who you are 🙂


Babita jaishankar

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