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Let’s talk color !!!

Each person has unique physical attributes. You can enhance your individual features if you know how to choose clothes to match your eyes, skin tone, and hair color. Buying a new outfit may be an ordinary and simple task to accomplish. However, you may become frustrated when you stand in front of the mirror to see that the outfit which looks stunning in the store window doesn’t look good on you at all. What does it take to find the right clothes that can make you look your best?

Like everyone else, you have certain clothes that you like to wear more often than the others. When you look in your closet, you may see the same color palette. Although you want  to add more interesting colors, you continue to be magnetized by the same colors. Interestingly, the reason for that is because some colors simply look better on your skin tone, in pretty much the same manner that they also complement your eyes and hair color. So if you’re going to spend on clothes, you have to be sure you’re buying the right color of clothes that match your eyes, skin tone, and hair color.

Learn to accessorize with right colored accessories so the clothes in your wardrobe looks good on you. Learn about color vitamins to understand to increase the effectiveness in certain important occasion by wearing /avoiding certain colors.


Let’s talk just about colors 🙂 🙂

Open to both Men and women to attend .

Day-  Thursday 22 nd  of December  11am – 1pm .

Place – Wsol / BAJA office, Indranagar

Takeaway – Personalized e color palette

Cost – Rs 3000/- ( registration required )

Email –

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Orange sherbet

This dress  from BAJA  in pure chiffon,   instantly lengthening your figure with its vertical stripes, and draping flatteringly, is perfect for a romantic night out. Designed to be versatile and perfect, the yoke at the back causes the dress to fall and drape beautifully.

IMG_5021 IMG_5024 IMG_5025 IMG_5026

It is lined with a stretchy, light weight fabric and its divided sleeves allow for much freedom of movement, and at the same time giving you exactly enough skin coverage to feel comfortable. The dress, called after its stunning hues, is named Orange Sherbet and effortlessly infuses functional glamor into your wardrobe. Sweet on its own, and stunning when accessorized, this dress will satisfy every one of your stylish whims and fancies.


Babita Jaishankar

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BAJA 2013 Dress or FIFA 2014 Dress

The most sought out dress from our 2013 collection was our dress that we named as ‘Off to Goa”.

IMG_4458 IMG_0691

A dress that you could just slip into, a aqua-blue, vintage-inspired, island-print frock from BAJA .  Sleeveless Frock with flattering pin tucks, side zipped for that extra comfort , a natural waist, and an A-line skirt fully lined.. Wear it to a fun filled vacation at a resort or to a lunch date with your best friend .Couple it with vintage shoes and a white cardi….

Today  my daughter while watching the video screamed out Amma,  ‘Off to Goa’ ( yes my kids know names of all the dress from BAJA ) is in FIFA . That didn’t make any sense to me until i saw this ….

Jlo_fifa jlo_fifa2

So there it was a similar dress on JLo in the FIFA 2014 SONG .

Amma,  were they inspired by BAJA dress ? and I  was happy to hear that 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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A day of shopping !!

Feeling like I stepped out of an old British painting, my lace umbrella completed the dainty getup of a Vintage skirt , tailor fit top, and wine, net scarf. With my hair in a low bun of pinned up curls, I set out, not for a boat ride across the Thames, but a day of shopping ( with client ) in the merciless heat of Bangalore streets.

Shopping is a crucial part in image makeover, tiring and exciting too.


IMG_4038 IMG_4040

Kept the makeup really subtle as i knew i am going to be under the hot sun. Just a dash of mauve on my lips and cheeks.

Enjoy your day outdoors , keep yourself we hydrated and remember your sunscreen.


Babita Jaishankar


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WOW Honey ;)

When i am putting down skin care and hair care regime for my clients i generally prefer to keep it very simple and something that they can just grab from their kitchen shelf .  So let me tell you ” why ” honey

Honey – “natural” alternative to medicine

One of the most important attributes of raw honey in this context is that it possesses inherent antibacterial properties. This makes it particularly useful in treating burns, peptic ulcers, gastroenteritis, and infections. 

The properties that make honey such a potent antibacterial agent are high viscosity; low pH;  low availability of free water; and its natural ability to produce hydrogen peroxide.


  1. Honey inhibits bacterial growth by stopping it at the cellular level.
  2. Honey also generally has a pH value between 3.2- 4.5, making it a very acidic agent. Thus, most types of honey will inhibit growth of bacteria.
  3. Honey has a low availability of water for bacteria to use, being about 84% fructose and glucose. The 15-21% of water by weight in honey strongly interacts with the sugar molecules and, thus, there is very little left available for anything else (like bacteria).
  4. Honey also has an enzyme, glucose-oxidase that produces hydrogen peroxide. Fully ripened honey has a pretty low level of hydrogen peroxide and when you dilute the honey in water, this enzyme’s activity increases by a factor of up to 50,000, making it a very effective slow release antiseptic. This “slow release” effect is particularly helpful as it does not damage healthy tissue, rather these slow release, low doses kill only the germs, while leaving the healthy tissue unharmed.                                                                                   
  • Will keep you all posted on other things that you can grab from your kitchen shelf and look WOW :).             ——-   Love      Babita jaishankar                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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My canvas!!!!

I love to accessorize – colorful and dramatic neck pieces , shoes/boots , and belts/bags .   So if you are a person like me have at least one dress in your wardrobe that can be your canvas to create all those different looks . Here is a warm white dress in 100% linen from BAJA

Collage bab IMG_1200 IMG_2079 IMG_2822

….. And go wild with imagination 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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Lady in boots – How and what to wear with boots


My  favorite time of year? When autumn hits that perfect peak of sunny skies and crisp air, leaves crunch beneath your feet, and all you need is a colorful BAJA dress ,  jackets and yes BOOTS

Tall boots are perfect for fall and winter days. They allow you to get wear out of your lighter dresses and skirts

Fitted boots – Pick a pair that’s fitted around your leg but not so tight that your skin bulges out from the top. There shouldn’t be more than a half inch of space between your leg and your boot. The boots can be pull down a little to give a scrunched up look .

DSC_1141    IMG_1348 IMG_1674



Or, wear a flat style with a mini or skin tight denims . If with mini, think about wearing tights, either way: You’ll look more conservative and pulled together. A straight cut makes them easy to slip in and out of, and they’re perfect if you want to put your jeans inside. They’re a little more casual but still refined. They are not skin fit to accommodate jeans or tights .





The ankle length boots or a ‘shootie”  slip easily under jeans or dress pants and don’t feel restrictive around your legs.




Light weight elf boots pair well with frocks and dresses, giving the  outfits a down-to-earth feel.


Hiking boots generally offer the wearer more support and protection. If you have wobbly ankles, the higher profile of hiking boots supports your foot more.



Would love to hear on more suggestions, so please leave comments 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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Tips on how to “Dress up for the day ” – Being an Indian women…

How do you get the energy to get yourself ready and dressed everyday so nicely?

Thought this question would be a good one to lead into a blog about :

Simple things you can do to transform you to the “Confident U”


To start with – Yes , I do spend some time to get ready because it makes me feel wonderful . It’s amazing what a little makeup, styled hair and a nice outfit can do for your self confidence.  Working with Indian moms   where most of them believe that’ if you take a little time out for  yourself, then you are not a good mom , a wife or even sometimes a good employee. But I believe you can be all these and be happy about  yourself ,  when you feel your absolute best. I am aware that  just looks are not going to help …but how you look on the outside does effect on how you feel inside .

I love to look my best all the time , when I am  at work  or running all around Bangalore doing the errands  or even while  working from home.

YES – there are times when I leave the house just like that , maybe a jog  or run to the gate to hand over the forgotten lunch boxes ( have two school going daughters ). But most of the time I do take efforts to dress up as It makes me feel good about myself .

Here are few tips that I follow while putting together a look and also a doable routine .

Having a working wardrobe –  We have stuff in our wardrobe that we are always emotionally attached to, a sari from your mom /mom in law, or the scarf that your brother gave you or maybe the dress you wore when you met your husband for the first  time …

(Wardrobe pic source :

Clearing your wardrobe on a regular basis will make sure that you know what you have in your wardrobe   and also get rid of the outfits that you are never going to wear. Or maybe you can rescue some by minimal alterations, restyle them to your current preferences.

While Organizing my  wardrobe, I like to group similar items and colors together . I group them by -Knit wear tops , Bottoms ( shorts at the bottom as I don’t wear them much , capris , denims, and then on top the trousers ), Skirts , cotton and chiffon or silk tops ( silk and chiffons – better  to hang them  ) , dresses … , shrugs  this way if I am wearing a skirt or a trouser  I can easily find what all can be paired with them . I don’t stick to rules nor my style is predictable so arranging the wardrobe this way gives me loads of options .

I hate drawers as they don’t let me see all the items in one glance , I only put things like gym wear , socks undergarments , saree skirts in drawers .

My daily “look “ routine – I usually wash my hair in the evening as I  want  to avoid blowing it dry . Before sleeping I tie my hair into a pony tail as this gives a nice bounce to the hair . Morning depending upon the weather  I may use a straightner  or a curler or just scrunch it up ( if the weather is too humid , like now it is in Bangalore ).  Some styling oil always comes handy on bad hair days  J.

My makeup routine remains the same for work (colors may change) so I don’t spent time experimenting  on a regular working day . Take some time once to try out different looks and then decide on one look which you can do most of the time an. And once you start doing this regularly , you spend littler time for this.

Do not do all this with a feeling of “ you have to do it” , do it because you like putting in an effort that helps you look and feel good . Believe me taking half an hour a day for yourself  is never a waste …your loved ones, who care about your needs a “Happy and content U”

Hope that these simple methods were helpful to all you lovely ladies…would like to read your comments too.

Babita jaishankar

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Image Makeover on Deccan Chronicle

First impressions are always long lasting. Who can forget the popular sitcom Ugly Betty, and closer home Mona Singh in the local remake Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi and how their lives changed after an image makeover. Many celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Siddhartha Mallya have enrolled in classes to boost their confidence levels. Actor Duniya Rashmi was not doing so well in Sandalwood, but now the starlet is back with a bang, thanks to an image makeover. There are image consultants, queuing in by the dozen to help you step up the corporate ladder, or make a relationship successful and give you a head-to-toe revamp with complete personality development. We explore the trend which is catching on in the city.

Image makeovers can be adept at forging new relationships and maintaining old ones.

“I was depressed, but after enrolling into a 21-day image makeover session and some one-on-one sessions, I can now communicate with confidence and can handle crises. I have transformed physically too and that is a bonus. Infact, I had never travelled by flight before as I was scared. Now, I know all about dining and flying etiquette and took my first flight recently.”

Someone who almost gave up on life after a marriage and kids is Amrutha John, who came back with zeal to prove herself. She reveals, “After I got married and had children, I had to leave a successful career, but thanks to a few sessions, I’m now juggling both perfectly and am a happy person. I was under the misconception that image makeover is only about looking stylish. I did embrace a new sense of style, but more importantly, I realised that I have to follow my dreams, irrespective of how people judge me.”

Babita Jaishankar, who helps individuals project the image they desire, says, “People form impressions on how someone presents themselves, behaves, their speech, posture, eye contact, and etiquette. There are a lot of people who need help branding themselves — women, job-seekers, corporate executives and their spouses, new moms, brides/grooms, mothers resuming work, lawyers and their clients, cancer survivors, singles etc.”

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Dare to Play with Patterns – What am I wearing today?

Playing with patterns – This time it is floral patterns on the vest with stripes on the dress, Stripes acts neutral and can help ground the floral pattern. In fact it can be the other way also… as they complement each other. Look for a unifying color and cut down the risk by choosing a bold shoe (As always I am risking it all by dual colored shoe 🙂 )..Try this –recycle an old dress and restyle your  wardrobe …do an Image Makeover for your wardrobe..


Babita jaishankar



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