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The Re-stylist

Wardrobe restyling – Create a new wardrobe with existing wardrobe.

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You can create fresh new outfits—without shelling out a dime—by shopping in your own closet. Of course, it helps to have a professional help on hand to help you pull together some figure-flattering looks from your existing wardrobe. So we the help Babita Jaishankar Image coach , aka The re- stylist , since her specialty is doing exactly that—restyling the clothes you already own .According to her , you’ve got a treasure trove of clothes sitting in your closet right now. “People wear less than one-third of their wardrobe,” she says. “There’s no reason not to wear perfectly good clothes. It’s about showing people a whole new wardrobe from what’s already in their closet, and helping them get excited about it again.”

  • Lifestyle – analysis of life style ( to understand the dressing needs).
  • Personality analysis – analysis of the personality ( to choose according to ones personality and to dress accordingly )
  • Unclutter your wardrobe
  • Mix and match with available options
  • Create multiple looks
  • Learn to accessorize well

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Personal Shopping:

“My wardrobe is overflowing, but I have nothing to wear!” Ever felt this way? Fret not, you are not alone. In any given wardrobe, a lot of clothes lie unused due to various reasons. We make sure that they get the love they deserve, by matching them with the right articles of clothing and accessories, and demonstrating the right way to wear each outfit. We help you discover a whole new range of clothes, right out of your existing wardrobe. We also help with you rearranging and acquiring the right sets of wardrobe basics that match your lifestyle and goals. Once you have these essentials in place, you will never again feel the pressure of shopping right before an important occasion, for lack of appropriate clothing.

This approach is not only good for your heart and pocket, but it’s also environment friendly. You not only get to go green, but also turn others green (with envy!).

Shopping is a very personal experience. While shopping is fun, women also know how nerve racking it can be to buy an expensive outfit without being sure whether one is going to actually wear it. We are also very familiar with the anxiety of not being sure which outfit is appropriate for a certain occasion and if we are paying the right price for it.

How about an expert friend to guide you this process? We offer personal shopping solutions, where our on-panel experts act as your personal shopper. With us, you will rediscover the joy of shopping, and get the best value for your money at the same time!

When you hire us as your personal shopper:

• Know what to buy:  Understand Do’s and Don’ts while shopping for yourself, and how to work around your assets and buy the right outfits.

• Know where to buy: You will shop in stores that match your style preferences and needs, and you can enjoy shopping with your very own personal shopper selecting the clothes that suit you.

• Know why you are investing in an outfit: Benefit from the expertise of our Designer/Consultant selecting items for you, and also her critique of why an item is suitable or not, and witness creative ways to pull outfits together.

• The result: Build a wardrobe of clothes that look amazing on you and  make you feel confident and fabulous.

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