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Hair oil – Bramhi and castor oil

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My Sunday special 🙂

Hair care oil

1 portion castor oil

2 portion of olive oil

3 portion of coconut oil

Mix them well and warm it.

Empty the contents of one capsule of brahmi ( himalaya’s brahmi capsule) . One capsule for total of 200ml of the oil mixture. Leave the oil with contents in a air tight glass bottle in the sun.

Massage the scalp with the oil (work it upwards from the neck to top of your head)

Steam with a hot towel, wait for fifteen minutes.

Wash it off with shampoo. (Twice a week)

Castor oil in hair care ­-

Castor oil is filled with some excellent vital nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals and proteins, which are required for healthy hair. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Ricinoleic acid that is present in castor oil helps to protect your hair and stimulates circulation of nutrient rich blood to your scalp. Natural omega-9 and 6 acids present in this oil helps to lock the moisture in your hair and scalp. So, it is a great conditioner for your hair.

Read more here

Bramhi in hair care –

Bramhi plant consists of many useful chemical compounds which include alkaloids like Brahmine, Herpestine etc., flavonoids, saponins. Thus prevents Alopecia , Alopecia is the medical term for consistent and extreme hair fall, which, if left untreated might result in temporary or permanent baldness.


Babita Jaishankar

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Skin lightening mask and scrub- Tamarind and turmeric

Sunday is a good time to spend time on your selves (I say this to my clients too).  This is my second blog in the series skin lightening mask and scrub oats and banana

Tamarind as skin care –

Tamarind is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamin C, flavanoids, and vitamin  A, which help fight against the formation of free radicals  ( the main ingredients in any age-defying product) . Tamarind when applied on skin soothes irritation and inflammation. It lightens the skin and reduces dark spots and pigmentation ( along with few drops of lemon it also acts as instant bleaching agent ) . Tamarind contains natural fruit acids which help to remove impurities and dead cells giving a polished skin. It also contains AHA (alpha- hydroxy acids) which acts as an exfoliater. This body scrub along with turmeric is ideal for oily and acne prone skin due the antimicrobial properties of tamarind. But avoid the contact with eyes and skin and do not apply after shaving or waxing as it may irritate your skin.

Read more about it here.

Tamarind turmeric mask/scrub –

The raw ingredients – tamarind , turmeric and crystal sugar.

Warning –  Turmeric stains the skin and clothes yellow .



Tamarind and can be little harsh on the facial skin if used directly, so boil it in water and use the pulp.




Use the pulp and mix it with turmeric and water ( or curd can be used too )


To use it as a body scrub add crystal sugar to the mix .


Have a wonderful Sunday.


Babita Jaishankar


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Being alive!!!

Stay alive through your clothes. Not every place and occasion require the same clothes that are set out for everyday use. A fun night out, a day at work, they do not call for the same shades or styles. Change with the occasion; mold yourself according to where and when you go somewhere or do something. This may seem like a little to make a fuss about, but it is extraordinary how much of a difference some fun or a brighter color can do once in a while. Make someone feel special, or stray from the dreary road of dead routine once in a while, to stir things up a bit. And just in case this laptop screen is getting a little fuzzy to those straining eyes, climb out of your office clothes, change into something cuter and have a great night out this lovely Sunday, or just bring out that inner child in you, go play some ball.



During every wardrobe restyling session i hear ( men and women ) complaining about  no ” fun” wardrobe . Routine should not define your clothes. Throwing on the same shades or styles day after day, simply because it is comfortable to do so becomes such a drag after a while. Opening the door of your cupboard and seeing the same old sets of clothes that have faded with use. These cupboards often lack a certain necessary, fun element.

Have fun in trying something new today…


Babita Jaishankar

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Color, color in my wardrobe, which is the best of all ?

For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself which colors really complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes. By determining what hues are the most flattering, you can fashion a wardrobe that makes you look fantastic every day.
And this is how my color profiling sessions starts – loads and loads of colors , the pinks , the blues . the greens ……yes , even men goes through this exercise to understand the best colors for them

But why ?

Not only will the right colors make you look  fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too.


IMG_2842IMG_2840IMG_2841 IMG_2843IMG_2839 IMG_2844

So are you warm or  cooool cool 😉  what is your color profile ?


Babita Jaishankar

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