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Winding staircase

I am an image makeover consultant. I toil to help people look and feel they way they aspire to . Many people come to me with a fervent desire to change themselves completely, from inside out. Yet, there are a few common misconceptions about this change. This change is a staircase. It’s a slow climb to the top, with only baby steps to be taken. There is no way to avoid these steps, or skip them like we’d normally do. A jump to the top will not suffice. To be that beautiful person we see at the very top of the winding staircase, we must take the baby steps.
The same way, people often think that they will suddenly undergo a drastic change that will irrefutably change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, this is not true. The drastic change is not abrupt. It is a gradual process, and there is no particular moment when a person changes from the person they are to the person they hope to be.
I am reminded of a recent experience with a client, on this particular matter. She was also under the illusion that her change would be a moments matter. We had been shopping for quite some time, yet there was nothing about her that was changing. She continued to stash away all the things that we bought, and wore her old clothes instead. Her undergarments and new perfect clothes remained in their fancy bags. Why? She was waiting for the moment when she could bring everything out, and be the person that she was just learning to be. She needed the perfect moment to emerge from her cocoon. This was where she went wrong. She could not have expected to be perfect within a matter of minutes. It was something that she had to be practicing all the time, for herself. She had to take the tiny steps that would gradually lead her to the top.
Another experience drifts to mind, as I emphasize the importance of small steps that make the biggest differences. A client of mine began with small changes in her daily lifestyle like the introduction of self talks, and constant positive affirmations. This pulled her out of depression, her daily routines have changed for the better, she is also more open, and interactive with people. She faces situations with more confidence. Now, she has gradually made her way to the next step, which is the ‘outer self’. Without the changes that fixed her ‘inner self’, she could not have ever been truly made over.
So, to abolish the misconception about image makeovers, I want to point out that it is not merely a change of a few outfits, or a haircut. It is not the comparison between a before and after picture, it is a gradual, carefully planned transition to a better you.


Babita Jaishankar

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Exam time ;)

Ashu ( my 14yr old daughter ) wanted me to be around as she has her Hindi exams tomorrow and Esha ( my soon going to be 11 yr old daughter ) was getting impatient as she wanted her birthday dress to be ready on time .

I am always juggling being an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom hence time management has become a crucial part . 7:30pm to 9:30 pm is my time that i spent with kids ( yes away from all kinds of “connectivity” no net , no laptop and no phone ).  The fabric i got to stitch Esha’s birthday frock kept on tempting me to start working on it . So got all the things together to the same room where kids were studying, the dress was done but the best part was we didn’t spare the left over fabric ( made a neck piece )

IMG_3917  IMG_3909IMG_3908IMG_3910  IMG_3921

All the best to kids who are having exams and to all moms you are doing amazingly well 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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Flutter and fly

Me and Amrutha ( Co – founder WSol /BAJA ) spend so much of time thinking about what to name our dresses , as there will be a heart felt story behind every name .

Here is Flutter N fly from BAJA ‘S  SS 2014 collection in most popular trend for this season – The butterfly print

The bright colored butterflies resembles a Wild English garden making it effortlessly chic and very desirable.




We call it ‘ Flutter n Fly’, since that is exactly what we want you to feel when you wear this dress. A soul who had been keeping her flutter inside , a lovely beautiful soul who can fly now …Flutter Flutter…

You can buy the dress here –


Babita Jaishankar

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Is it too fit or am I fat!!

Most of the time when I am talking about the fit of an outfit the image people get in their mind is someone who is fat. It is more than just extra kilos on a person, it is true for a petite and also for  a large individual. The clothes what we wear influence the way we think, we feel about ourselves, the way we act and the way others responds to us. If you are wearing something that doesn’t fit you properly you are think about your appearance all the time, you feel physically and mentally uncomfortable and hence affects the way you act.

Wearing something that doesn’t fit bring in the negative focus, yours as well as that of others. If our clothes are too tight, then no matter what size we are we still will feel fat. The clothing which is of smaller size makes you look larger, if it feels tight it looks tight, making you look stuffed in.  Instead slip into something which is of proper fit and there is enough room for movement, we can carry on things that are of more importance.

Clothing that is too large also shouts dissatisfaction with your body. A fabulous fit makes you a person who looks fit with a good taste, judgment and also who gives attention to details.

Baja on the rack

Most of the time when I am restyling a wardrobe it is sad when you see the client’s clothing size has gone up by one or two but they don’t want to invest on new clothing to fit their current size until they lose those extra kilos.  It is a down ward cycle as it leaves them depressed and dissatisfied with life and themselves. It takes a lot of positive determination to live in the body that you are ‘today’. Don’t wait on your weight to look and feel fabulous.


Babita  Jaishankar

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Glam up this women’s day

IMG_2767 IMG_3346 IMG_2766

Our natural beauty is often drowned out by the bolder statements of the same, and the desire to stand out is fulfilled by skilled artwork, the amplification of our natural beauty with a few colors, our makeup.

Makeup is no warpaint. many women tend to shy away from this necessary part of our lives, simply because they are afraid to experiment. They are afraid to use makeup, simply because they have convinced themselves that they will get it wrong. makeup is art, there is no way to get it wrong, but everybody has one look that just “works” for them. a look that makes them look in the mirror, and feel beautiful.

This women’s day, find your look with us, at our free makeup session on the 7th of march but it is only through registration so sent in your confirmation at, and help us make sure, that you are not missing out on the wonders of something as ordinary as makeup.


Babita Jaishankar

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