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Treasured junk in my trunk

Every other day i am asked on how to arrange the wardrobe . So instead of just saying i thought to pen it down along with the pictures of my own wardrobe .

Doing it in parts and today it is about how i arrange my jewellery . Staying in an apartment i don’t have the luxury of space . I use the sliding draw under my bed to treasure all the junk 🙂

At a glance –


I like to see all of them at a glance so i leave most of the smaller boxes (  shoe boxes or plastic storage boxes )  without the lids on .

I keep all my rings in  a big box ( have reused a cardboard box ) , i keep cotton balls in between,so they don’t rub against each other .

IMG_5065 IMG_5066

I keep the precious ( stone /gem) and delicate rings in individual boxes.


Teaming up same size and same color earrings / delicate necklaces  in a box which has small partitions , saves the time that you would  be spending taking them apart  . Oftentimes, my clients claim not to have any accessories to pair with their outfits, yet the truth is that they forget what they DO have.

IMG_5068 IMG_5069

The chunky beads/pendant and expensive gem/beads are individually packed in velvet or cotton lined boxes.

IMG_5078 IMG_5073



The fancy necklaces and pendants are individually wrapped and kept in two sections –     1. Colored      2. Gold/Copper/Silver


IMG_5076 IMG_5064

Not much of bangle person and i like to stack them in a box so i can see them all together.


Watches are wrapped in individual velvet pouches , i leave a bit of strap peeping out of the pouch hence easier to identify them without having to open  each  pouch to find the one you want .


So yes, go ahead arrange your accessories and enjoy wearing them too 🙂


Babita Jaishankar






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Being “U”

Let your jewellery speak for you by dressing according to your personality. Accessorize yourself with not mere beads and metal but with jewellery that screams out your stories to all those who listen. Speak your own language through all the little things you chose to adorn yourself with.

What your accessories says about your personality

Dramatic – These are the people whom you will see with accessories that are very bold and statement pieces. Some are a piece of art in itself, they are not worried about the brand names

Wearing BAJA-The new you ‘s Peach melba
The neck-piece and the cetrine ring – from streets of Delhi.


A DIY project- the necklace i made with left over fabric and teaming it with colorful booties.


Classic elegance –  People who like simple and elegant, just a string of pearls will do .

Their poise and calm demeanor makes them noticeable .




Color coordinated– They are very neat and wear the accessories  that comes in sets and are color coordinated.



Give some thought about the accessories you wear on every day as it speaks a lot about you.


Babita Jaishankar







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New wardrobe or call it wardrobe restyling :)

I remember that moment so very clearly, when she ( let me not name her , let us call her Mrs L) calls up and ask me if i am available  that weekend to help her in shopping/wardrobe restyling.

From some one who is been following my page and FB photos She came to a not so familiar city stayed back for two days and did what she came for “SHOPPING with Babita jaishankar ” , thank you for trusting me Mrs L

“Hi Babita
I’ve booked my tickets and will arrive in Bangalore at 11am tomorrow. She ( that is Amrutha  ) mentioned that we can meet after 12pm and follow up with two days of shopping. I return to Hyderabad  on Monday evening.”

And the next two days where we were hopping from  from one  trial room to another , me eagerly waiting, going through tons of accessories – jewellery, bags and shoes and it ended all well with an amazing wardrobe.


First thing first , the hairstyling part ….


IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2753 IMG_2755 IMG_2756Being a classic personality she  likes her garment to be well fitted, classic pieces but if not kept on watch their wardrobe or dressing tends to get little boring. So i have added some bling to the footwear and some interesting accessories. She has a clear color profile so the colors what we choose are also clear .

IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2764

Enjoy a wardrobe that says a lot about who you are 🙂


Babita jaishankar

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