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BAJA is a new age women’s clothing brand from Babita Jaishankar  .We are all about making “YOU” look and feel good …

We are all about making a complete women’s collection catering to women of casual and sophisticated attitude. BAJA  concentrates on western wear that a Indian lady feels proud and comfortable wearing it

BAJA  is a strong believer  of   indigenous textile tradition of our country . Traditional textiles  like Chanderi, Tussars, Ikkat, Batik, Bandhani, Handloom and  sarees like Mangalgiri,Venkatgiri,Set  mundu ,Banarasi, Chettinadu pattu are given a new twist. Indian fabric is known for its excellent workmanship, colors and rich heritage. BAJA is all about combining colors with excellent workmanship. We create textures and patterns on fabric using traditional and modern techniques to achieve a look that is unique, contemporary and yet classic Each garment   is specially designed to be functional and appealing to give “YOU” that extra mileage.

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You can find Babita’s Nov 2009 collection at Dhangout

Here are some pics from the show


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