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Image Makeover on Deccan Chronicle

First impressions are always long lasting. Who can forget the popular sitcom Ugly Betty, and closer home Mona Singh in the local remake Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi and how their lives changed after an image makeover. Many celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Siddhartha Mallya have enrolled in classes to boost their confidence levels. Actor Duniya Rashmi was not doing so well in Sandalwood, but now the starlet is back with a bang, thanks to an image makeover. There are image consultants, queuing in by the dozen to help you step up the corporate ladder, or make a relationship successful and give you a head-to-toe revamp with complete personality development. We explore the trend which is catching on in the city.

Image makeovers can be adept at forging new relationships and maintaining old ones.

“I was depressed, but after enrolling into a 21-day image makeover session and some one-on-one sessions, I can now communicate with confidence and can handle crises. I have transformed physically too and that is a bonus. Infact, I had never travelled by flight before as I was scared. Now, I know all about dining and flying etiquette and took my first flight recently.”

Someone who almost gave up on life after a marriage and kids is Amrutha John, who came back with zeal to prove herself. She reveals, “After I got married and had children, I had to leave a successful career, but thanks to a few sessions, I’m now juggling both perfectly and am a happy person. I was under the misconception that image makeover is only about looking stylish. I did embrace a new sense of style, but more importantly, I realised that I have to follow my dreams, irrespective of how people judge me.”

Babita Jaishankar, who helps individuals project the image they desire, says, “People form impressions on how someone presents themselves, behaves, their speech, posture, eye contact, and etiquette. There are a lot of people who need help branding themselves — women, job-seekers, corporate executives and their spouses, new moms, brides/grooms, mothers resuming work, lawyers and their clients, cancer survivors, singles etc.”

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Dare to Play with Patterns – What am I wearing today?

Playing with patterns – This time it is floral patterns on the vest with stripes on the dress, Stripes acts neutral and can help ground the floral pattern. In fact it can be the other way also… as they complement each other. Look for a unifying color and cut down the risk by choosing a bold shoe (As always I am risking it all by dual colored shoe 🙂 )..Try this –recycle an old dress and restyle your  wardrobe …do an Image Makeover for your wardrobe..


Babita jaishankar



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How to get “That” look on your wedding day?

Marriages are made in heaven but the new Indian weddings are custom made or tailor made for the discerning Indians who wants nothing less than a wedding extraordinaire.

As a child we are always fascinated by the fairy tales and the happily ever afters. As  Image consultants for to be brides and Grooms, while helping them pick their outfits for the Wedding day  we realize that things have not changed much and every one  still wants to be the prince and princess in their dreamy best…


Bridal image consultation is the perfect way to ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day.

  • An in-depth color analysis, with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day
  • Finding the perfect dress- a sari or a lehenga, to suit your coloring, shape, style personality and type of wedding.
  • A personalized Bridal Style Guide
  • Suggesting  jewelry to suit your scale and proportions
  • Recommended hairstyles to suit your face shape.
  • A customized hair care and skin care regime.
  • A full make-up application in the colors that suit you best
  • Honey moon and travel wear shopping

A wedding is the most beautiful experiences in a women’s life .And the bridal dress is something that will be the reminder of this most special day. So that has to be the most glamorous as well as weaved with emotions and sentiments.


A Groom’s Image Consultation will show:

    • Which shades suit  his coloring and complement him best
    • The best colors to wear on his big day to complement both him and his new bride
    • How to combine colors and patterns for both formal and casual wear
    • The best options for jackets, shirts and trousers for his build
    • What  to look out for to get the right fit, every time
    • How he can develop a coordinated wardrobe to ensure that he gets value for money out of his clothing investments
  • The best way to wear his hair to suit his face shape and advice on accessories and eye wear to give the all important finishing touches. Also put down a skin and hair care regime.


Babita Jaishankar

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