Wardrobe Solutions

Babita Jaishankar is a fashion and image consultant .Worked as a designer, skin and color analyst in India and abroad has put together a totally new concept of total image makeovers. The services offered are:-


Babita Jaishankar
Wardrobe solutions

COLOR PROFILING: be inspired to instantly enhance your looks.
What we will do in our session—–

  1. Assess how colors affect your features and discover those that look good on you.

  2. Find optimal color combinations and simple ways to co-ordinate them to create a great outfit.

  3. Experiment with new ways to wear your colors and learn how to easily enhance your wardrobe.

Why go for the complete makeover?

All the sessions are carefully developed, so you’ll leave motivated and equipped with practical knowledge of your colors ensuring you can look your absolute best.

STYLE PROFILING: knowing how best to wear your style.

Adapting the art of clever dressing can immediately improve the appearance. Also by defining your personal style you can ensure that every outfit we designed for you will truly reflect your personality. So you’ll feel comfortable and confident with your new look.

What will we do in this session?

1. Assess your body shape, accentuate the best features and disguise some.

2. Your style profile and personality type are kept in mind while we design every outfit.

3. We help you create and discover the image you aspire and how to achieve it.

WARDROBE RESTYLE: perfect wearable wardrobe
Imagine a wardrobe filled with outfits you love to wear!!

This will make decisions about clothes and putting together outfits easier; ultimately ensuring that you look your absolute best .So let’s together create a wardrobe that is varied yet works together to give you a unique look and a great lifestyle.

What will we do in these sessions?

  1. Evaluate the contents of your wardrobe to identify items you’ll want to keep or let go and
    clear space for only those you enjoy wearing.

  2. Assemble several outfits so you know how to mix and match your existing clothes as
    well as how certain items worn with a few key pieces will derive a great outfit.

  3. Now when it is known what are the things that are needed, will be designed keeping
    in mind your color profile, style profile, lifestyle and the image you want to portray.


We want you to look best in every situation. We not only understand your needs, we anticipate them. There are quite few of customized packages where the fabric will be handpicked keeping in mind your color profile. Will be designed exclusively for you keeping in mind your style profile and lifestyle.

Some of the packages are

  • Corporate Wear
  • Casuals
  • Formals
  • Vacation Package
  • Package for Moms to be

And brides to be
So on………

PERSONAL SHOPPING: Apply the principles of smart shopping to capitalize time, money and energy. We help you discover shops that best serves your personal style.

What will we do in the sessions??

  1. Armed with your customized shopping list, we’ll apply all your personal styles know how to quickly and easily pick and choose suitable items.

  2. Embracing new colors and different styles as you try on items; we’ll see what really works on you.

  3. Assess the merit of each possible item and ensure that you buy those that highlight the beautiful you.

HAIR AND MAKEUP MAKEOVER: look like you; only better

It is the finishing touches that really add spring to your steps! No outfit is complete without the final touches of makeup and hairdo. As your confidence booms just like the cut of your clothes the right hairstyle can improve the appearance of your natural shape and compliment your personal style .Equally well applied makeup in your perfect shades can accentuate your best features to give a flawless finish. Find out how to polish your look and complete your style makeover.

What will we do in the sessions?

  1. Consider the type of look to which you aspire and be realistic about how much
    time you have to achieve it.

  2. Assess how colors affect your features to discover those that look good on you
    and why?

  3. Discover how to b

  4. alance your hair style with your face contours and body frame.

  5. Identify your best features, we want to accentuate and anything we want to disguise.

  6. Basic skin care, create a natural day look and a stunning evening look.

Image makeover for the Bride and Groom and how to get that  look on your wedding day
Bridal Image consultation –
Bridal image consultation is the perfect way to ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day.

  • An in-depth color analysis, with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day
  • Finding the perfect dress- a sari or a lehnga, to suit your coloring, shape, style personality
    and type of wedding.
  • A personalized Bridal Style Guide
  • Suggestions for jewelry to suit your scale and proportions
  • Recommended hairstyles to suit your face shape.
  • A customized  hair care and skin care regime.
  • A full make-up application in the colors that suit you best

The wedding is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. Her  bridal dress, therefore has to be glamorous as well as weaved with emotions and sentiments. We at WSol, have in house fashion designer and excellent karrigars, and are well equipped to  design the bridal outfit and bridal trousseau for you .

Groom’s Image consultation –

A Groom’s Image Consultation will show:

  • Which shades suit  his coloring and complement him best
  • The best colors to wear on his big day to complement both him and his new bride
  • How to combine colors and patterns for both formal and casual wear
  • The best options for jackets, shirts and trousers for his build
  • What to look out for to get the right fit, every time
  • How he can develop a co-ordinated wardrobe to ensure that he gets value for money out of his clothing investments
  • The best way to wear his hair to suit his face and advice on accessories and eyewear to give the all important finishing touches. We also put down a skin and hair care regime .

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  1. vikrant

    I need a makeover for my marriage in june first week. … slim tall n fair….pls help me out

  2. Monika Singh

    Hi. I am mother of three. I want to have a makeover. Let me know your contact details please.


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