Sir Mantri

Sir Mantri

Addl. Commissioner Income Tax at Govt.

I had attended an Image Makeover workshop with Ms Babita Jaishankar hosted by ireboot at Bangalore. It was a real delight to work with her during that workshop. I was really impressed by the comfort and ease with which she went into the finer details which showed the absolute command and mastery she has over the subject. She is an expert in this area. She also connects with every client on a personal level and thus every client is able to relate to her and open out which is a sina qua non in this field. Another important aspect is detailing in which she is very good. She is not only able to understand the requirement of the client in a perfect manner but is also able to project very well as to what would look good on them. She is able to effortlessly establish a warm bond and rapport with her workshop participants and clients alike. I strongly recommend her.

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