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Creating the everyday “look”


What i did ……

I have a combination skin, it tends to get oily around the T zone .  To prepare the skin for the makeup  i would include – Splashing  of cold water  on face and then using toner as they closes the pores  and thus reducing the oil secretion .  I have applied only a sunscreen  with UVA and UVB protection ( it has little moisturizer  ) , let the sunscreen set on the skin  before applying  foundation  ( have blended the foundation just wherever I felt I needed the coverage  and thus keeping it very light ).  have used contouring  powder  on the sides  of the nose , bronzer on the apples of  cheeks  and a little shimmer down the bridge of  nose, on  brow bone and on  chin.
For  eyebrows , I filled in with dark brown  .For shadow I covered  lid ( used very dark grey ) and brushed a shadow ( charcoal black ) on the corner of the eye as it elongates my eyes . I brightened up  my  tear line with blackest black. Finally I applied  mascara to  lashes.
For  lips I used  almost nude ( slight hint of pink/brown)   …..lip color and go for a gloss .


Babita Jaishankar

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Indian festive wardrobe …..


The festive and wedding season is here and most of the time I end up seeing people in serious stress.

Knowing your basic body shape and understanding the types of clothes that will accentuate your good features, so that you dress in a way that really suits you. Today there are so many options to choose from so you’ll always be able to find something that will complement your body shape, scale, proportions, color profile (skin tone, hair color and eye color), personality and life style.

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress”.

-Hubert de Givenchy

Dressing for your body shape is the key to style and confidence. Before we talk styles, let’s take a look at our body shapes. This time would like the focus to be anarkallis.

apple body style

You have an apple shaped body if you have

Rounder shoulder line and flat bottom
Average to big bust
Fullness around the middle
Good legs

For those among you who are apple shaped (if you have large bust or rounder tummy!) then you need to pick dresses / kurtas/anarkalis that have a beautiful v-neck to show off your curves or A-line, wear dress designs which take attention away from the tummy. Empire line cuts also work well for those with a rounder tummy but a smaller bust.

DSC03244IMG_1990apple -2

The sleeves – Cap (avoid these if you have big arms except in the most informal of settings), ¾ length, above the wrist, built in shoulder pads (which ensure that your clothes will hang from the shoulders), wrist length, flared or draped.

Legs are asset for people with apple shaped body – so wear chunky shoe styles, the ones with color and detailing goes very well on you. Keep the heels medium to high, wedges also works very well on you.


pear shape

You have pear shaped body if you have

Full hips or thighs, maybe saddle bags
A defined waist
Shoulders that are narrower than your hips
A small top half as well as small bust

If you’re a pear shape lady a strapless dress/tops/anarkalis/kurtas to show off your smaller top. Choose empire or wrap dresses; separates work better. Fitted shapes are a must e.g. wrap tops or empire lines; vests, waistcoats and stiff fabrics, straight yoke, breast pockets, big collars are great; whether patterned or horizontally striped; all shoulder enhancing shapes e.g. shoulder pads, big shawls, bolero, wide straps, boat neck.

pear - 3pear - 1pear - 2

Photo courtesy – Pink villa

Great necklines are boat and bar dot (wider boat neck with a flipped collar). Details or fuss on the top that reduces towards the waist and hips works very well for pear shaped body .It can be in the form of embroidery, ruffles, and sequins or patch work ….

The sleeves can be cap, ¾ length, dropped, batman, puffed, wrist or above wrist are great for you. If you are small to medium busted, puffed and short sleeves will work as well. Dresses with back yokes and back belts in the waist area look great.

Wear shoes/slippers with a medium to chunky heel; platforms or wedges are great; opt for long simple single colored knee boots (neutral colors); a square, or pointed toe works well.

And don’t forget to accessorize to your heart content after all it is festive wear we are talking about.


Babita Jaishankar

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Wonderful world of skirts !!!!

Wonderful world of skirts

Most of the time when I am doing a wardrobe restyling  I find orphan skirts  because there is “nothing “ suitable to pair it with …

To start with be careful about how you select or buy skirts – Hem lengths of skirts change constantly but it’s important to stick with the length that flatters you most. I suggest that this will often be on the leanest part of your legs, which is usually mid-thigh or just above or below the knee or little above the ankle.

Here are some of the rules I follow while wearing or selecting tops (can be knitwear, blouses, tank tops , t- shirts )

  1. Go – Untucked – You can absolutely wear voluminous top over pencil or fitted skirt.


2.  Tuck it in – Tuck the top in  to emphasize the waist .


3.  Belt – the untucked – This is how you can make a longer and less form fitting top work with a skirt.  The belt can be loosely worn so that it rest on your natural waist or the one which fits your natural waist.


4.  Buttoned up Cardigan – Button-up a cardigan and wear it with a skirt. Here the cardigan is acting as a top, rather than just a layering item.


5.  Layer a cardigan over a tucked in sleeveless tank top – Tuck a plain tank top into a skirt and layer over a cardigan. The cardigan can be cropped or boyfriend. Cropped cardigans look great with A-line skirts whereas pencil skirts work with most lengths of cardigan. You can leave the cropped cardigans loose or partially buttoned. Longer length cardigans look best unbuttoned.


6. Tailored made tops –


6.  Plain old tank tops –


Enjoy creating more options and excuses to wear skirts 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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