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Corporate Image Consultation Services:

It’s a well acknowledged fact that the human resources of a company are its most valuable resources. A lesser acknowledged fact is that even the image of a company’s employees can give a definitive competitive advantage to the organisation. Various recent studies also point towards the same conclusion.

A corporate spends substantial amounts of money on creating and managing a brand, and the corporate’s employees are the tangible representation of this brand. No wonder, client facing professionals are called the ‘face’ of the company. How these representatives of a corporate present and conduct themselves reflects directly on the organization and its brand value. With the increasing use of social media in personal and professional lives, the visibility factor is increasing by the day. Thus, professional conduct and behaviour on the part of individual professionals is more a need now than ever before, especially in service sector and for client facing/ public facing professionals.

Progressive organizations in India are waking up to this reality and moving in to equip their employees with the right knowledge and skills. These organizations are particular about ensuring that the people who represent their organization and brand are aligned with the brand image and values.

In fact, training your employees in corporate grooming, etiquette and communication skills can be the most astute investment that your organisation had ever made in terms of ROI. An effective image of your employees brings in multiple benefits like better brand image, enhanced employee morale and increased trust of clients and people in general.

How we can help:

Action oriented workshops & Group Training

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Motivating employees to understand and follow current dress code policies
  • Grooming, dressing and etiquette training
  • Presentation and image management skills
  • Networking – Breaking out of the comfort zone
  • Individual consultation (for managers and C level executives)

Individual consultation (for managers and C level executives)

  • Personal brand and image creation; management coaching
  • Assistance to design dress code policies for employees


Babita is also available for speaking engagements at conferences and seminars.

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