1. Image makeover, is it for men too ?

Usually when you hear the word “makeover” you immediately think “women”. After all, women are the ones who go to the salon, change their hair color, and shop till they drop…right?

The truth is men need makeovers just as much as women do and here’s why…

A first impression happens within the first thirty seconds of your interview, date or meeting. People size you up instantly based on what you look like, and they use that assessment to decide whether they want to get to know you. That’s why dressing your best and having an overall look that leaves a great first impression is so important.

Makeover , “Man”over or just simply say win over 🙂



Style and empowerment , through Image makeover !!! Really

Helping people radiate outwardly while in pursuit of their dreams means providing emotional support, as well as practical. Knowing what to do is half the battle; the other half is applying what you know to your daily routine.

Empowerment is our goal; therefore teaching  how to apply our techniques for themselves is critical. Learning how to take care of yourself is not always learned in one lesson, especially when self-esteem is absent. We therefore offer a place and time to reinforce and review the learning from initial session.

What do we do- we provide a place to return for additional support – whether it be fashion advice, or further counsel on personal care. We feel that by offering a program with continuity to our services, we have a much better chance of restoring a positive self-image.

Image makeover is a very planned process, so go for it if you are committed to yourself


2. Can you suggest me a quick fix image makeover …?

I frequently encounter this question when I meet people at parties, social gatherings and a host of other places. Questions range from – “How can I change my image” ? or “what is wrong with my dressing ? “ to “can you suggest me a set of colors and styles ?” . This is akin to asking a psychiatrist in a casual conversation – “Do you think I’m suicidal?”

To all these people, here is what I have to say –

While I appreciate the interest and the new wave of awareness among Men and Women for their images, dressing sense and how they are perceived, I must point out that there are no short cuts to transforming your image and/or your looks. Image consulting, like other consulting professions such as medical or psychiatric, follows a similar set of principles and guidelines based on sound scientific facts and analysis. The process begins with a meeting (can be online or offline) to understand the persons needs, lifestyle, body style, personality…..  and then, over a series of sessions, tries to narrow down to the actions/remedies to achieve the desired result. The sessions could be done online or in person, but the process must be followed diligently in order to achieve the proper outcome.


3 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. sangeeta sharma

    Dear Ma’m,
    Could you pl provide me the rates for makeover?? Kindly mail to sharma.sangeeta184@gmail.com.

  2. Rekha Dutt

    Need help with makeover of bride to be. Dress sense, makeup and Eric. Do u do this, and how much are your charges and the duration ?

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