Babita Jaishankar is the visionary entrepreneur behind the brands WSol and BAJA. She is   an accomplished fashion and image consultant, with a long list of achievements to her credit.  Babita brings in a synergetic mix of scholastic knowledge and hands on experience. She has formal training in fashion designing, and she is also a certified skin and color analyst. Management training from IIM-B gives her an extra edge, not only to manage her ventures, but also to be an ideal corporate trainer and consultant for image management.

Having worked in the US for a number of years, Babita has an excellent grasp of international standards and trends. In Bangalore, her reputation brought her prestigious opportunities, including designing for the contestants and judging Miss Catwalk at the Miss Bangalore contest; and showcasing her autumn winter collection at the Bangalore Fashion Week.

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  1. Sandeep n neerer

    Hi I want to put my photo images in social media so could able to guide me which kind of dress and colour i have to wear and although to whom(photo grapher) I have to contact to capture my images

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