Wardrobe Restyling- Men & Women

Let’s talk color !!!

Each person has unique physical attributes. You can enhance your individual features if you know how to choose clothes to match your eyes, skin tone, and hair color. Buying a new outfit may be an ordinary and simple task to accomplish. However, you may become frustrated when you stand in front of the mirror to see that the outfit which looks stunning in the store window doesn’t look good on you at all. What does it take to find the right clothes that can make you look your best?

Like everyone else, you have certain clothes that you like to wear more often than the others. When you look in your closet, you may see the same color palette. Although you want  to add more interesting colors, you continue to be magnetized by the same colors. Interestingly, the reason for that is because some colors simply look better on your skin tone, in pretty much the same manner that they also complement your eyes and hair color. So if you’re going to spend on clothes, you have to be sure you’re buying the right color of clothes that match your eyes, skin tone, and hair color.

Learn to accessorize with right colored accessories so the clothes in your wardrobe looks good on you. Learn about color vitamins to understand to increase the effectiveness in certain important occasion by wearing /avoiding certain colors.


Let’s talk just about colors 🙂 🙂

Open to both Men and women to attend .

Day-  Thursday 22 nd  of December  11am – 1pm .

Place – Wsol / BAJA office, Indranagar

Takeaway – Personalized e color palette

Cost – Rs 3000/- ( registration required )

Email – designer@babitajaishankar.com

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Wardrobe restyling:

Hire us to detox your wardrobe, and experience for yourself the joy of having a fresh wardrobe and the sense of lightness and energy that it will bring into your life.


With our wardrobe restyling solutions, we help you remove all the excess items that are of no use to you and are just extra baggage(literally!). Let go of the stuff that’s not working for you and bring in just the right outfits and accessories that make you feel radiant inside out. Detox does not just mean throwing away things; like food, it’s also about right combinations and the appropriateness for an occasion, and for your body type. That’s where our 360 degree knowledge about apparel and accessories can do wonders for your wardrobe.


Post the purging and rearranging, we assure you that your wardrobe is going to be full of clothes that you will love to wear and flaunt!


This is how we are going to restyle your wardrobe:

• Review your current wardrobe for style, fit, color, relevance, coordination, and function.

• Ensure you have key wardrobe essentials in place; purge items of clothing that are not in sync with your new image goals; and identify key gaps in your wardrobe.

• Clothing is an investment in yourself, make sure you have a well-coordinated wardrobe that works 100% for the new you.

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What am i wearing !!!!!

Very romantic weather, to compliment that wore this lilac dress. In love with butterfly ring and silver bangles .

This lilac dress goes with the pastel shades that is 2012 spring/summer trend.

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Bangalore Fashion Week 2009

Bangalore Fashion Week 2009 will be held at Hotel Oterra from July 23 – 26, 2009.
Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) has been conceived and created with a vision to Showcase Bangalore Fashion Industry to The Global Fashion World. It is a premier event in India. The objective of BFW will be to create business relationships and to facilitate a dialogue between designers and trade buyers. A Pre Launch Party, Press Conference, 4 Pre Event Lifestyle Parties, 4 Event After Hour Parties, 4 Day Designer Product Display, 4 Day Star Studded Fashion Parade of The best Designers of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkota, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

I have been asked to judge as well as design. Partnering with some of the best bangalore minds on this event was great.
Here is a sip of the fashion elixir from the event.

Event details:

Start Date :Jul 23, 2009
End Date :     Jul 26, 2009


Hotel Oterra,Bangalore
Bangalore , Karnataka, India

Organizer Details
Dream Merchants, Bangalore
Mr. Sajad Mahajan
Address : Pankaj Villa, 1-1, Bore Bank Road, Benson Town,
Bangalore, India.
Email Id : sales@BangaloreFashionWeek.in
Telephone No : 91-80-42048270

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Wardrobe essentials for fashion savvy corporate ladies

Bangalore the ‘silicon valley’ of India and now a hub for the startups. The ladies working in these offices or CEO’s of the companies are going global or going abroad for a vacation. As a image and fashion consultant the FAQ’s I get is, What is the right thing to wear when climbing up the career path, or maybe as simple as choosing the right color of the foundation or what to wear when going for a cruise or what is the right kind of hairstyle that suits a particular bone structure.

Recently a lady who came to me started her career as a engineer and now promoted as a senior level manager of a company in Bangalore .Now she wants to restyle her whole wardrobe, moving away from sweatshirts to more formal attires to office.

Your Mom –bless her heart —loves you for who you are on the inside .But let’s face it. The rest of the world judges you- and me too based in large part on what they see on the outside

So let’s kick start this whole thing of looking and feeling good with some few key pieces in the wardrobe as a must have. These are the essentials pieces that go with other pieces in your wardrobe to create different outfits, ultimately ensuring that you look your absolute best.

Jeans : Select a couple of pairs of jeans in different shades and in styles that suits your body shape not necessarily high in trend. Jeans can be dressed up or down easily which makes them very versatile. Darker shades for dressier attire and another light wash for an everyday look.

Black trouser and a skirt: With tweed jacket or blazer can be worn to a formal meeting.

Black chudiddar and a cream colored pattiala : These can be teamed with some funky or traditional kurtis.

Black saree or a black dress: The material of the saree and the length of the dress is a personal choice. Get the style which looks spectacular on you but not necessarily trendy, so you can wear it for some time.

White shirt: Good to have shirts in different colors or lacy top but white collared shirt gives a more professional look. More over it is very versatile it goes with the black trouser or skirt, jeans or with a cardigan or sweater.

Pair of dressy shoes: Shoes in which you can really walk.

Most of the ladies don’t follow these guidelines as it seems too boring.The trick is to personalize each item to fit your individual style.Having these items in your wardrobe provides a solid foundation that practically guarantees you’ll look consistently polished.

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Getting dressed for Bangalore winter

For most women, winter is the time to pull out the oversized woolens and shawls that have been hidden away in a suitcase or some dark corner of your wardrobe.

But for me I like dressing up in winter .It is easy to look stylish this winter with one or two investment pieces and some accessories to give a personalized look .

We only get few weeks of winter here in Bangalore, so let’s get dressed.


This fall witnessed the luxurious collection by Vikram phadnis. I liked the brocade jacket and velvet coat over lehangas and saree. The heavy thread work gives it a very ethnic look. These would make a great combination with a nice pair of jeans.  You could also go for long slik/brocade and tissue patchwork jacket with a shift dress or short ones with jeans (See pic from my fall winter collection below).

patch work jacket- Baja
patch work jacket- BajaHood /Snood

Hoods or Snood are also back in style, so a hooded choli from Manish Malhotra’s collection or a cape in boldest of colors would make an excellent choice.


Ankle length or tall boots would be ideal for the Bangalore winter. These can be worn with knee length dress or skirts. Avoid boots in suede if you’re planning  to get in the rain as we are getting lots of rain this winter .There are boots available in patent leather that you can also use as rain boots .

Woolen scarf /pashmina stole

The word pashmina has come to be synonymous with scarves, shawls or stoles .Bright color scarves folded to form a triangle with  the two ends tied together and  worn on the neck (the tied portion of the scarf is at the back of your neck) could be  teamed  up with a suit or jacket. Tie it to form a knot (like a mans tie) to wear with suit . Stoles are of ideal length and width to wrap around the neck. As for length, the stole should reach till the hem of the top or the dress you wear.

The hot colors for this winter are frosted blue and metallic. You can also go for sparkles, and embellishments. Those who are not bold enough for red lipstick could go for red lipstick with peach or blue undertones.

Go ahead and get yourself a sweater dress and wear it with bold or neutral tights. Rain or shine, get yourself a pair of oversized sunglasses and go out and enjoy the winter.

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5 steps to a greener wardrobe

When I told one of my friends that I was designing an eco-friendly collection to help people get a greener wardrobe, she laughed and asked if I was going to dress people up in leaves!

Why go green? Now, I hope I don’t have to elaborate on this – My 10 year old could give a lesson on how imperative it is that we incorporate nature’s ways into our modern lifestyle, if we want to live healthy and preserve the environment. As a designer, I’ am constantly reminded of my duty to do my bit towards this all important cause. To live a greener lifestyle, all you need to do is remember this simple word – ‘USE- LESS’

.It is that easy and you don’t have to go live in the woods or wear leaves. Here are a few things I tell my clients (and also practice myself everyday) to help them make the world a better place –

Planned shopping

Oh God that’s really boring! I know you are used to impulse buying, but think of a wardrobe all stocked up with expensive clothes and still not having a thing to wear! First of all, make a list of basic things that you will need in your wardrobe, which also gives you the flexibility to mix and match with or complement other pieces in your wardrobe. In my earlier blog –wardrobe essentials I have put down 10 must have’s in one’s wardrobe. Know your body style, lifestyle and career style and choose accordingly. Invest in high quality and classic items, not necessarily high in fashion or in keeping with the current trend. You’ll pay more now, but wont have to replace those items soon, thus reducing wastage.


Wear clothes that don’t need dry-cleaning. This lessens the use of harmful chemicals (commercial dry-cleaning uses chemical solvents to remove grease and dirt) which could make you sick if you’re exposed to them constantly. Certain clothes that need to be dry-cleaned can be hand washed in cold water and flat dried. Use phosphate free and bio-degradable washing powder. Needless to say, normal detergents contain non degradable compounds, brighteners and artificial fragrances that are toxic and harm the environment. Bio-degradable detergent will increase the life of the clothes and the washing machine as the residue from this powder won’t cause any rust in the washing machine and hence will not leave rust spots on the clothes

Change for good

A good friend of mine was wondering why all her expensive clothes have food stains on them. She is the busy mom of a toddler who keeps her on her toes, which often does not give her time to change her clothes. So, it is good to change into your home clothes before you get busy feeding and cooking or doing the dishes.

Use, reuse and reuse again

From something ‘out’ to something very ‘in’. Refashion with a little alteration to something wearable- a dress to a skirt, tunic or a shorter dress. Some us of keep outfits just because we have some emotional attachment.  Recently I converted a vintage raw silk  kurti to a evening dress, had to fix some of the beads that were coming loose.  I was feeling so proud of myself as if I have restored an old historical monument.

Eco-friendly collection

My new collection will be an eco-friendly collection .I am  planning  to focus more on using vintage fabrics, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and organic silk (ahimsa silk ) greater emphasis on handwork and use of vegetable dyes (eco friendly fabrics) . Right now there is a lot of hype around fabrics made of bamboo. Here is the problem – Bamboo plantations can replace forests that are fast dwindling. Also, the processing of this fabric causes a lot of pollution .So it is important to read the label and to know what kind of fabric is used and also what processing was done on it.

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