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Put oneself into another’s shoes!!!

Being a ‪#‎dating‬ and ‪#‎image‬ ( corporate and individuals ) coach, i come across people who are academically brilliant and yet are socially and inter-personally inept. Empathy and emotional intelligence- What is it really about? “Emotional intelligence” is a concept including perception, expression and control of emotions, self-control and empathy, communication, conflict resolution process, conscience, and perhaps many more. Empathy and confidence are the basis on which any effective relationship, understanding and communication can be built. They are crucial in developing ideas and solutions, in problem solving, effective communication and avoiding or preventing conflicts. Empathy is an
important capability, which all people must develop in order to progress and continue with their life, so now every session of mine includes activities to increase EQ.


Babieta Jaishankar

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Being employable

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