Pleasures having daughters :)

A lazy Sunday and in the evening you have  to go to a high profile wedding … hmmm noooo i don’t want to spend a Sunday in a parlor .  Ashu ( my 14 year old ) comes up and say can i style your hair and this is how it all started ….

IMG_2856 IMG_2859

After applying Garnier’s leave on serum  she combed the hair well . She used the Velcro rollers and rolled smaller sections of hair to it . The smaller rollers were used towards the nape of the neck and at the crown of the head she used the wider rollers. The rollers were left on my hair for an hour or two till i was done with the Sunday  afternoon nap :). The curls were just worked with fingers ( no combing please ) and were pinned at the back to give that 60’s updo .

IMG_2867 IMG_2877

Happy Weekend and fun partying ….


Babita Jaishankar

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