We at WSol knows that successful people are not successful by accident. They have learned how to use their strengths to their advantage and minimize their weaknesses.

Confidence – Visual , verbal and body language skills

Image – How you look , what you wear , and how you portray yourself.

Success – Interviews , Meetings , Events


This personal coaching is designed to help you to portray the desired image , that you want others to see about you ( personally and professionally ) . We identify the current message you are sending about yourself and to others through your body language, wardrobe , vocal tone and pace. We help you perceive which specifics of your presence are in alignment with your goals and change those that are counterproductive. When you’re ready for honest feedback and change, WSol services is very direct and accurate.


This one-on-one coaching takes place in Bangalore . We begin with a preliminary conference call to understand and focus your goals, and you bring video footage of yourself in actual work environment settings. The length of Executive Coaching is designed specifically on a client by client basis. Follow up coaching and then accountability time scheduled brings optimal results. Additional video footage can be evaluated to support your continued growth.

Babita Jaishankar  ( designer@babitajaishankar.com )
WSol Fashion & Image Makeovers Pvt Ltd