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Being a mom and being an entrepreneur


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I was invited to this event on Mothers day where I was speaking on being a mom and an entrepreneur. So what is my mantra?

  1. The whole “Finding work-life balance”, doesn’t happen:

Thinking about how I was going to do it all almost stopped me from starting my own company years ago. It seemed unreasonable to think that I’d be able to do everything that I wanted to do as a business woman and take care of my kids simultaneously.

The truth is you can do it if only you change what your definition of balance is. There are times when I pay more attention to my work than to my kids and sometimes, it’s the other way around. In the end I like to believe that it all balances out. Part of being an entrepreneur is being comfortable with changing direction quickly. Needless to say, as a mother and an entrepreneur you’ll get a ton of use out of that skill! So relax, have faith, and take it one day at a time and remember you are not in a race to be the super mom.

  1. No more guilt trips:

There is enough guilt to go around for any parent, so I make a conscious effort to let it go and focus on the good things. I may on some days have a hectic schedule, and, as a result, my children are learning how to be independent and self-reliant. They also have learnt to take small decisions and manage the household if I am not around .They are getting an inside-look at how a startup works, by being a part of the fabric sourcing process, my image workshops and my office life, which I know will benefit them in the long-term. Ask for help from your kids and they are eager to help out .


  1. Let kids be part of the business:

You have to make family a part of your business… I’ve always considered my kids and my spouse as partners in business, whether we’re moving from one place to another, or simply picking out a cupboard to store fabrics in at home. Make them a part of that journey. And that’s for any mom; kids are our reason to seek out a better life.


  1. All you need is a good idea and dedication:

Don’t let inexperience stop you. When I began, my business résumé had been basically limited to stitching at home for myself and the kids. Not knowing what steps to take first or in which direction, nearly paralyzed me with fear. I overcame this by simply putting down MY strengths and carefully analyzing them to then reach out to other business owners who could connect me to experts in manufacturing, production and sales. Each small, impulsive decision helped my build my business, ground-up and gave me confidence. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how far your enthusiasm and dedication can take you.


  1. Scheduling it out:

Mompreneurs, more than other entrepreneurs, need to be disciplined in their relationship with time. Morning conversation and breakfast provided the energy we needed for the day and a sit-down dinner provided the engagement we needed to stay connected. After some time I knew the rhythm of my business so other things started to get falling in place around it There were no major workouts , but an of jog/walk/dance/treadmill/swim can go a long way to clearing your head and reclaiming your energy. Find what works for you and make yourself one of your priorities!

Dream big 🙂


Babita Jaishankar



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