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Wardrobe restyling

Wardrobe restyling in  step by step process and it is as simple as this 🙂

wardrobe - rate card

  • Know your colors- Natural assessment of your natural coloring of eyes , skin and hair in order to determine what colors for clothing and makeup are most complimentary .
  • Lifestyle – analysis of life style ( to understand the dressing needs).
  • Body style – analysis of body proportion in order to define clothing style for the individual.
  • Career profile – analysis of job profile in order to understand what kind of dressing the job requires on a day to day basis or for an event.
  • Uncluttered your wardrobe.
  • Mix and match with available options
  • Create multiple looks
  • Learn to accessorize well
  • Create a shopping list for necessities
  • Generate a workable budget and avoid over spending
  • Target appropriate stores
  • Pick the perfect inner and outer wear and accessories
  • Concierge Shopping Services
  • Personal wardrobe designing


Babita Jaishankar


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‘Stay In’

This week, I have been asked to plan a workshop for women working in multinational company. I want to give them reason to ‘stay in’ in their current jobs and pursue their passion .The most common reason that they leave is often their kids, and the feeling that they don’t spend enough time with them. This letter is one from my daughter that I found today when I opened my laptop in office. Thank you Ashu for being my strength to follow my dreams 🙂
Here is the letter that I typed in as it was handwritten –
Dear Amma ,
You get so many compliments from so many people and so many people say you inspire them. I don’t really know how to make this stand out. But here goes anyways.
I love how you fill rooms with positive vibes. I think you are absolutely nuts but that’s the best thing about you. People who think they know you and haven’t seen your crazy side are really missing out.
I love how I can call you and cry to you over the phone. It makes me realize that you are that one person who doesn’t even need to be here to make me feel better.
I love how you walk out of the door every single day looking beautiful in your clothes and putting on a brave face even when you are sick just for those people who look up to you . I love hearing you talk about the people you met and see you light up because you just get happy thinking about someone’s whose life you impacted. You believe in yourself and the things you do and you inspire me to do the same thing. You make me want to love life and people and running around in heels in hot, sunny, crowded streets because in the end I just want to be as happy as you. You are a great mom and I’m proud to call you mine.
I love you,

So stay in there and hang on to your dreams 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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