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What inspires me ?

…. it is mails like that inspires me …
Dear Babita

I am not sure if you will remember me. I had come to you for an interview.

I am writing this mail as I was so touched, inspired and moved as I read an article about you going bald for the cause of cancer patients with tears in my eyes as I read the article. It takes a lot of strength,self confidence and most of all a kind heart to do what you did. I was very inspired when I met you on the day of my interview when you told me how you handle the whole production, sourcing, designing alongside managing a million other things you do. You did inspire me a lot that day. So today when I read an article about you, I couldn’t help but write this mail to you.

You are a true inspiration as you inspire others not by your words, but by your deeds. I aspire to be like that one day, though I am not sure if I really have what it takes. But I promise I will try.

I started off a small business after I met you. I started a design studio about a year back. Its been a roller coaster ride and I am learning so much and there is so much more to learn and do. I am taking one step at a time. It has taken off well and I intend to do much more.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me and am sure many others too… to do more than we think we are capable of… to push ourselves…to go that extra mile…

Sending lots of love

P.S. You look gorgeous with the bald look.




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