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Travel with style

‘Travel light ‘ but does that mean I have to comprise on style !!!!

Being a personal shopper I also help people to pack for travel and this is what I tell ( or do for them ) and do for myself while I travel.

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Wardrobe by BAJA ( ) , Photographers – Akanksha and Illesha Jaishankar

  1. Know your Color –

Packing pieces that all coordinate together is one way to cut down on the number of items you need. The key is to pick one color scheme to build your vacation wardrobe around. My advice for finding your perfect color is to consider a strategic combination of neutral, energy, and dramatic colors based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color ( we do color profiling to determine that )

2. Keep it simple

Keep the jewelry to one tone and that will save you from packing the whole jewelry box . Since my trip was to hot humid beach side town I was sure that I would only need some wonderful hats, umbrella and no jewelry. For shoes, wear your casuals for the travel ( same may work to go around the city )  and pack your heels for special events and a second shoe to get you through the day if you need them. According to me you only need two or maximum three pairs of shoes tops to get through a five-day trip.

3. Aahh ..the vacation photos –

Chances are you will be posing in front of iconic monuments and breathtaking views in photos you will look at for years (and post on Facebook). As you pack, lay out each outfit on the bed and visualize yourself wearing it. Break down each day into scenes-we’re going to the pool or beach or in town doing some street shopping or a formal lunch , then changing into a nice outfit for dinner-to help determine how many clothing items to bring along.

4.Skin care –

Researching a little about the weather would always help you to carry the necessary skin care and cosmetics .This summer our trip was to a humid beach town , the things I carried was water proof sunscreen , aloevera gel ( for sunburns ), a good moisturizer( as the beach water and highly chlorinated resort pool water strips out the moisture ), mineral powder instead of foundation , lip balm with spf , a good face wash and toner .

Happy traveling this summer


Babita jaishankar



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weekend maddness

Often, when I do a makeover for a person, I tell them that I need to see more of their personality.. the personality that their clothes reflects. I want to see more elements of their lifestyles, something that matches the occasion. for example, take resort wear- going out for a vacation is a time to let go, get free of the stuffiness of their routine lifestyle. so why not? why not do it completely, along with the clothing.. spice your clothes up a bit, go free, romantic, maybe, sexy.. for those few days that you spend away.

On a similar note, long weekend is coming up, and I’ve been hit by a surge of interested, prospective buyers who want to know what they can do for their weekend off… with their clothes, that is. This got me thinking, “What would I do?” So I pulled out my designing skills, and got this together ( this one for getting the pattern right i stitched the sample myself )  , something that I’d love to wear on my few days off, but not anywhere else.. something different. Here’s what i put together and photography by Rashmi did complete justice to the out fit . Accessorized with  a watch and a handmade ring from Amrapalli ._DSC1082 copy_DSC1097 _DSC1107

So just analyze your lifestyle and your personality so you can have a wardrobe that fits   that .


Babita Jaishankar

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Palazzo on rainy rainy day

A day when you decide to wear white and then it rains the whole day .  Wore white linen palazzo trousers with midnight blue button down shirt. The shirt had a tie instead of collar with wide cuff . A jholla in copper added the bling to the look.  To know more about on how to style palazzos read my blog here .


Today was the day when I met two ladies who were very clear on what outcome they wanted from the image makeover session.  One a home maker and the other a young college student . What amazed me the most was that the college student have saved up all her allowance to come to me 🙂

Waiting to start the sessions with these amazing ladies.


Babita Jaishankar


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