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Collections of a jewelery junkie…

My love for dressing up and helping people to dress up has gone far beyond just the “outfit ” part .

Dressing also meant how well i can accessorize and coming from middle class family where the number of outfits would be limited. I would looking out for fun accessories so i could create different looks with the same outfit.Yes, here is what i have handpicked- some from streets,  some from niche jewellery stores and some were customized according to my personality ( by me of course 🙂 )  .

IMG_3424 IMG_3467 IMG_3423

These came as different pieces, i love to mix and match as it tends to be more “U”.

I wear them with Indian ethnic dresses or with saree .

IMG_3422 IMG_3435

Some of the them are good, good to be the “statement” pieces so i tend to wear them alone. Just the earrings or just the necklace .

IMG_3462 IMG_3455 I got the pendant ( the temple jewelery )  and strung some beads on to it.

White crystals in silver or gold setting is good to have as they go wonderfully with all the colors ( of outfits )

IMG_3457 IMG_3499 IMG_3490 IMG_3458



Babita Jaishankar



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O oh, i don’t have anything to wear ….!

It had been always easy for me  to select outfits that are fun and colorful. I know, not good because I did not have outfits to go to work in (I was volunteering some of my time in a local school)

A balanced/ workable wardrobe should not only reflect your style but also your lifestyle.




It would be so easy   if we knew what we should buy to have a perfect wardrobe.

Just buying few key items in your wardrobe would give you a lot more options. So start focusing on those categories in your lifestyle that is unrepresented in your wardrobe.

The exercise that each one of my clients has to do when they come to me for image makeovers is – just take paper, pen and maybe a cup of tea and try thisJ, trust me this is going to save lot of time and money.

List down the activities you do in an average – a week, a month and a year, and how often you do it.

Group each activity based on the clothes you wear, like clothes I wear to buy groceries and taking kids to the park are the same.

Don’t consider just the number of hours you are spending on each category, look for the number of days.  Like you have to spent 8 hours at the office from Monday to Friday and then Saturday and Sunday for 1 hour each you go partying. So you need 5 work outfit and 2 outfits to party in a week. Some categories are casual, work, nightlife, gym/jogging, swim, sports, special occasions ….

Hence, ideally your wardrobe should correspond to the distribution of different categories and that is your life style. To make it simpler just see how many outfits you may need in each category in a week. For example

Work = 5 outfits

Party= 2 outfits

Casuals = 4 outfits

Gym = 3 outfits

Make this list for a week, month or a year, but do remember that it also is based on the number of times you would not like to repeat your ‘look’ (not pieces of outfit).

This will give a fair idea on where you should be spending your money.

So does your wardrobe pie equals to your lifestyle pie?


Babita Jaishankar

CEO/Founder WSol fashion and image makeovers

Creative director BAJA (Clothing line )




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Color, color in my wardrobe, which is the best of all ?

For help in choosing the most flattering clothes that will bring out your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself which colors really complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes. By determining what hues are the most flattering, you can fashion a wardrobe that makes you look fantastic every day.
And this is how my color profiling sessions starts – loads and loads of colors , the pinks , the blues . the greens ……yes , even men goes through this exercise to understand the best colors for them

But why ?

Not only will the right colors make you look  fresh and modern and youthful, but they make you feel happier and more confident too.


IMG_2842IMG_2840IMG_2841 IMG_2843IMG_2839 IMG_2844

So are you warm or  cooool cool 😉  what is your color profile ?


Babita Jaishankar

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My canvas!!!!

I love to accessorize – colorful and dramatic neck pieces , shoes/boots , and belts/bags .   So if you are a person like me have at least one dress in your wardrobe that can be your canvas to create all those different looks . Here is a warm white dress in 100% linen from BAJA

Collage bab IMG_1200 IMG_2079 IMG_2822

….. And go wild with imagination 🙂


Babita Jaishankar

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Wonderful world of skirts !!!!

Wonderful world of skirts

Most of the time when I am doing a wardrobe restyling  I find orphan skirts  because there is “nothing “ suitable to pair it with …

To start with be careful about how you select or buy skirts – Hem lengths of skirts change constantly but it’s important to stick with the length that flatters you most. I suggest that this will often be on the leanest part of your legs, which is usually mid-thigh or just above or below the knee or little above the ankle.

Here are some of the rules I follow while wearing or selecting tops (can be knitwear, blouses, tank tops , t- shirts )

  1. Go – Untucked – You can absolutely wear voluminous top over pencil or fitted skirt.


2.  Tuck it in – Tuck the top in  to emphasize the waist .


3.  Belt – the untucked – This is how you can make a longer and less form fitting top work with a skirt.  The belt can be loosely worn so that it rest on your natural waist or the one which fits your natural waist.


4.  Buttoned up Cardigan – Button-up a cardigan and wear it with a skirt. Here the cardigan is acting as a top, rather than just a layering item.


5.  Layer a cardigan over a tucked in sleeveless tank top – Tuck a plain tank top into a skirt and layer over a cardigan. The cardigan can be cropped or boyfriend. Cropped cardigans look great with A-line skirts whereas pencil skirts work with most lengths of cardigan. You can leave the cropped cardigans loose or partially buttoned. Longer length cardigans look best unbuttoned.


6. Tailored made tops –


6.  Plain old tank tops –


Enjoy creating more options and excuses to wear skirts 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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Tips on how to “Dress up for the day ” – Being an Indian women…

How do you get the energy to get yourself ready and dressed everyday so nicely?

Thought this question would be a good one to lead into a blog about :

Simple things you can do to transform you to the “Confident U”


To start with – Yes , I do spend some time to get ready because it makes me feel wonderful . It’s amazing what a little makeup, styled hair and a nice outfit can do for your self confidence.  Working with Indian moms   where most of them believe that’ if you take a little time out for  yourself, then you are not a good mom , a wife or even sometimes a good employee. But I believe you can be all these and be happy about  yourself ,  when you feel your absolute best. I am aware that  just looks are not going to help …but how you look on the outside does effect on how you feel inside .

I love to look my best all the time , when I am  at work  or running all around Bangalore doing the errands  or even while  working from home.

YES – there are times when I leave the house just like that , maybe a jog  or run to the gate to hand over the forgotten lunch boxes ( have two school going daughters ). But most of the time I do take efforts to dress up as It makes me feel good about myself .

Here are few tips that I follow while putting together a look and also a doable routine .

Having a working wardrobe –  We have stuff in our wardrobe that we are always emotionally attached to, a sari from your mom /mom in law, or the scarf that your brother gave you or maybe the dress you wore when you met your husband for the first  time …

(Wardrobe pic source :

Clearing your wardrobe on a regular basis will make sure that you know what you have in your wardrobe   and also get rid of the outfits that you are never going to wear. Or maybe you can rescue some by minimal alterations, restyle them to your current preferences.

While Organizing my  wardrobe, I like to group similar items and colors together . I group them by -Knit wear tops , Bottoms ( shorts at the bottom as I don’t wear them much , capris , denims, and then on top the trousers ), Skirts , cotton and chiffon or silk tops ( silk and chiffons – better  to hang them  ) , dresses … , shrugs  this way if I am wearing a skirt or a trouser  I can easily find what all can be paired with them . I don’t stick to rules nor my style is predictable so arranging the wardrobe this way gives me loads of options .

I hate drawers as they don’t let me see all the items in one glance , I only put things like gym wear , socks undergarments , saree skirts in drawers .

My daily “look “ routine – I usually wash my hair in the evening as I  want  to avoid blowing it dry . Before sleeping I tie my hair into a pony tail as this gives a nice bounce to the hair . Morning depending upon the weather  I may use a straightner  or a curler or just scrunch it up ( if the weather is too humid , like now it is in Bangalore ).  Some styling oil always comes handy on bad hair days  J.

My makeup routine remains the same for work (colors may change) so I don’t spent time experimenting  on a regular working day . Take some time once to try out different looks and then decide on one look which you can do most of the time an. And once you start doing this regularly , you spend littler time for this.

Do not do all this with a feeling of “ you have to do it” , do it because you like putting in an effort that helps you look and feel good . Believe me taking half an hour a day for yourself  is never a waste …your loved ones, who care about your needs a “Happy and content U”

Hope that these simple methods were helpful to all you lovely ladies…would like to read your comments too.

Babita jaishankar

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Dare to Play with Patterns – What am I wearing today?

Playing with patterns – This time it is floral patterns on the vest with stripes on the dress, Stripes acts neutral and can help ground the floral pattern. In fact it can be the other way also… as they complement each other. Look for a unifying color and cut down the risk by choosing a bold shoe (As always I am risking it all by dual colored shoe 🙂 )..Try this –recycle an old dress and restyle your  wardrobe …do an Image Makeover for your wardrobe..


Babita jaishankar



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