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Black and white in my summer wardrobe

I love colors, infact all the crayola hues as it helps you to stand out, sometimes neutrals can have as much impact .  The potential of black and white to create a 9- 5 look is noteworthy .

_MG_4859 _MG_4708


Black suit , white shirt ( selected a warmer white in pure crepe silk ) and fitted woolen blend trousers





A silk black dress with white patch on the sides .



White / beige fitted trouser with a black chiffon shirt ( in unequal length )



White crushed skirt with a long black jacket .



Black and white tweed dress.




White pencil skirt with black printed chiffon blouse .



Black tank top with white patchwork cotton skirt


Black and white tweed trousers  with black leather trimmings teamed with white crepe sleeves less shirt .


Black lace dress with a black and white printed silk scarf .


Black cotton skirt with white bat sleeves top


Linen trousers with black and white tweed trimmings  with black t shirt and scarf .

Try black and white this summer 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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Wonderful world of skirts !!!!

Wonderful world of skirts

Most of the time when I am doing a wardrobe restyling  I find orphan skirts  because there is “nothing “ suitable to pair it with …

To start with be careful about how you select or buy skirts – Hem lengths of skirts change constantly but it’s important to stick with the length that flatters you most. I suggest that this will often be on the leanest part of your legs, which is usually mid-thigh or just above or below the knee or little above the ankle.

Here are some of the rules I follow while wearing or selecting tops (can be knitwear, blouses, tank tops , t- shirts )

  1. Go – Untucked – You can absolutely wear voluminous top over pencil or fitted skirt.


2.  Tuck it in – Tuck the top in  to emphasize the waist .


3.  Belt – the untucked – This is how you can make a longer and less form fitting top work with a skirt.  The belt can be loosely worn so that it rest on your natural waist or the one which fits your natural waist.


4.  Buttoned up Cardigan – Button-up a cardigan and wear it with a skirt. Here the cardigan is acting as a top, rather than just a layering item.


5.  Layer a cardigan over a tucked in sleeveless tank top – Tuck a plain tank top into a skirt and layer over a cardigan. The cardigan can be cropped or boyfriend. Cropped cardigans look great with A-line skirts whereas pencil skirts work with most lengths of cardigan. You can leave the cropped cardigans loose or partially buttoned. Longer length cardigans look best unbuttoned.


6. Tailored made tops –


6.  Plain old tank tops –


Enjoy creating more options and excuses to wear skirts 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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