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Winding staircase

I am an image makeover consultant. I toil to help people look and feel they way they aspire to . Many people come to me with a fervent desire to change themselves completely, from inside out. Yet, there are a few common misconceptions about this change. This change is a staircase. It’s a slow climb to the top, with only baby steps to be taken. There is no way to avoid these steps, or skip them like we’d normally do. A jump to the top will not suffice. To be that beautiful person we see at the very top of the winding staircase, we must take the baby steps.
The same way, people often think that they will suddenly undergo a drastic change that will irrefutably change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, this is not true. The drastic change is not abrupt. It is a gradual process, and there is no particular moment when a person changes from the person they are to the person they hope to be.
I am reminded of a recent experience with a client, on this particular matter. She was also under the illusion that her change would be a moments matter. We had been shopping for quite some time, yet there was nothing about her that was changing. She continued to stash away all the things that we bought, and wore her old clothes instead. Her undergarments and new perfect clothes remained in their fancy bags. Why? She was waiting for the moment when she could bring everything out, and be the person that she was just learning to be. She needed the perfect moment to emerge from her cocoon. This was where she went wrong. She could not have expected to be perfect within a matter of minutes. It was something that she had to be practicing all the time, for herself. She had to take the tiny steps that would gradually lead her to the top.
Another experience drifts to mind, as I emphasize the importance of small steps that make the biggest differences. A client of mine began with small changes in her daily lifestyle like the introduction of self talks, and constant positive affirmations. This pulled her out of depression, her daily routines have changed for the better, she is also more open, and interactive with people. She faces situations with more confidence. Now, she has gradually made her way to the next step, which is the ‘outer self’. Without the changes that fixed her ‘inner self’, she could not have ever been truly made over.
So, to abolish the misconception about image makeovers, I want to point out that it is not merely a change of a few outfits, or a haircut. It is not the comparison between a before and after picture, it is a gradual, carefully planned transition to a better you.


Babita Jaishankar

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Tips on how to “Dress up for the day ” – Being an Indian women…

How do you get the energy to get yourself ready and dressed everyday so nicely?

Thought this question would be a good one to lead into a blog about :

Simple things you can do to transform you to the “Confident U”


To start with – Yes , I do spend some time to get ready because it makes me feel wonderful . It’s amazing what a little makeup, styled hair and a nice outfit can do for your self confidence.  Working with Indian moms   where most of them believe that’ if you take a little time out for  yourself, then you are not a good mom , a wife or even sometimes a good employee. But I believe you can be all these and be happy about  yourself ,  when you feel your absolute best. I am aware that  just looks are not going to help …but how you look on the outside does effect on how you feel inside .

I love to look my best all the time , when I am  at work  or running all around Bangalore doing the errands  or even while  working from home.

YES – there are times when I leave the house just like that , maybe a jog  or run to the gate to hand over the forgotten lunch boxes ( have two school going daughters ). But most of the time I do take efforts to dress up as It makes me feel good about myself .

Here are few tips that I follow while putting together a look and also a doable routine .

Having a working wardrobe –  We have stuff in our wardrobe that we are always emotionally attached to, a sari from your mom /mom in law, or the scarf that your brother gave you or maybe the dress you wore when you met your husband for the first  time …

(Wardrobe pic source :

Clearing your wardrobe on a regular basis will make sure that you know what you have in your wardrobe   and also get rid of the outfits that you are never going to wear. Or maybe you can rescue some by minimal alterations, restyle them to your current preferences.

While Organizing my  wardrobe, I like to group similar items and colors together . I group them by -Knit wear tops , Bottoms ( shorts at the bottom as I don’t wear them much , capris , denims, and then on top the trousers ), Skirts , cotton and chiffon or silk tops ( silk and chiffons – better  to hang them  ) , dresses … , shrugs  this way if I am wearing a skirt or a trouser  I can easily find what all can be paired with them . I don’t stick to rules nor my style is predictable so arranging the wardrobe this way gives me loads of options .

I hate drawers as they don’t let me see all the items in one glance , I only put things like gym wear , socks undergarments , saree skirts in drawers .

My daily “look “ routine – I usually wash my hair in the evening as I  want  to avoid blowing it dry . Before sleeping I tie my hair into a pony tail as this gives a nice bounce to the hair . Morning depending upon the weather  I may use a straightner  or a curler or just scrunch it up ( if the weather is too humid , like now it is in Bangalore ).  Some styling oil always comes handy on bad hair days  J.

My makeup routine remains the same for work (colors may change) so I don’t spent time experimenting  on a regular working day . Take some time once to try out different looks and then decide on one look which you can do most of the time an. And once you start doing this regularly , you spend littler time for this.

Do not do all this with a feeling of “ you have to do it” , do it because you like putting in an effort that helps you look and feel good . Believe me taking half an hour a day for yourself  is never a waste …your loved ones, who care about your needs a “Happy and content U”

Hope that these simple methods were helpful to all you lovely ladies…would like to read your comments too.

Babita jaishankar

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