Being alive!!!

Stay alive through your clothes. Not every place and occasion require the same clothes that are set out for everyday use. A fun night out, a day at work, they do not call for the same shades or styles. Change with the occasion; mold yourself according to where and when you go somewhere or do something. This may seem like a little to make a fuss about, but it is extraordinary how much of a difference some fun or a brighter color can do once in a while. Make someone feel special, or stray from the dreary road of dead routine once in a while, to stir things up a bit. And just in case this laptop screen is getting a little fuzzy to those straining eyes, climb out of your office clothes, change into something cuter and have a great night out this lovely Sunday, or just bring out that inner child in you, go play some ball.



During every wardrobe restyling session i hear ( men and women ) complaining about  no ” fun” wardrobe . Routine should not define your clothes. Throwing on the same shades or styles day after day, simply because it is comfortable to do so becomes such a drag after a while. Opening the door of your cupboard and seeing the same old sets of clothes that have faded with use. These cupboards often lack a certain necessary, fun element.

Have fun in trying something new today…


Babita Jaishankar

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