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Winding staircase

I am an image makeover consultant. I toil to help people look and feel they way they aspire to . Many people come to me with a fervent desire to change themselves completely, from inside out. Yet, there are a few common misconceptions about this change. This change is a staircase. It’s a slow climb to the top, with only baby steps to be taken. There is no way to avoid these steps, or skip them like we’d normally do. A jump to the top will not suffice. To be that beautiful person we see at the very top of the winding staircase, we must take the baby steps.
The same way, people often think that they will suddenly undergo a drastic change that will irrefutably change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, this is not true. The drastic change is not abrupt. It is a gradual process, and there is no particular moment when a person changes from the person they are to the person they hope to be.
I am reminded of a recent experience with a client, on this particular matter. She was also under the illusion that her change would be a moments matter. We had been shopping for quite some time, yet there was nothing about her that was changing. She continued to stash away all the things that we bought, and wore her old clothes instead. Her undergarments and new perfect clothes remained in their fancy bags. Why? She was waiting for the moment when she could bring everything out, and be the person that she was just learning to be. She needed the perfect moment to emerge from her cocoon. This was where she went wrong. She could not have expected to be perfect within a matter of minutes. It was something that she had to be practicing all the time, for herself. She had to take the tiny steps that would gradually lead her to the top.
Another experience drifts to mind, as I emphasize the importance of small steps that make the biggest differences. A client of mine began with small changes in her daily lifestyle like the introduction of self talks, and constant positive affirmations. This pulled her out of depression, her daily routines have changed for the better, she is also more open, and interactive with people. She faces situations with more confidence. Now, she has gradually made her way to the next step, which is the ‘outer self’. Without the changes that fixed her ‘inner self’, she could not have ever been truly made over.
So, to abolish the misconception about image makeovers, I want to point out that it is not merely a change of a few outfits, or a haircut. It is not the comparison between a before and after picture, it is a gradual, carefully planned transition to a better you.


Babita Jaishankar

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Style me !!!! Empower me !!!!

It all started when she came to office,  with a fragile body and a strong mind there she was  asking me to do a image makeover for her .  She said she dosen’t know if she can afford my services  but she surely needs it . Now i was curious in knowing whY she wants a  image makeover, to most of the people it is something that would make them glamorous and i had no doubt in my mind that she was going to ask to suggest her something that would make her fair . NO, she said she is absolutely very proud of her skin tone – hmmmm now it is getting more interesting , i am thinking then why is she here. So this is what she told me that encouraged me to start SMEM initiative .

She grew up in a joint family, dad passed away when she was just a kid and mom works as a domestic help in half dozen houses.  But her  mom made sure that her daughter  gets proper education, so here she is with a degree in nursing but no job yet .

She said she was turned down even before she could face the actual interview, she was asked to go back from the venue because she was not dressed right .  And she came to me asking for help and i knew with no job in hand and no income she can pay me my fees . I helped her to get dressed for the interview and i did not charge her anything. Then i thought there would be so many more who would need my help but for how many more i can do it for free and yes for everything we turn to FB and i did exactly that . I asked for help, help me to help others :).

The response was amazing and this was the first meeting we had for Style me !!! Empower me !!!

IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2709




Helping people radiate outwardly while in pursuit of their dreams means providing emotional support, as well as practical. Knowing what to do is half the battle; the other half is applying what you know to your daily routine.

Empowerment is our goal; therefore teaching  how to apply our techniques for themselves is critical. Learning how to take care of yourself is not always learned in one lesson, especially when self-esteem is absent. We therefore offer a place and time to reinforce and review the learning from initial session.

What do we do- we provide a place to return for additional support – whether it be fashion advice, or further counsel on personal care. We feel that by offering a program with continuity to our services, we have a much better chance of restoring a positive self-image.

Image makeover is a very planned process, so go for it if you are committed to yourself


Babita Jaishankar

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