Glam up this women’s day

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Our natural beauty is often drowned out by the bolder statements of the same, and the desire to stand out is fulfilled by skilled artwork, the amplification of our natural beauty with a few colors, our makeup.

Makeup is no warpaint. many women tend to shy away from this necessary part of our lives, simply because they are afraid to experiment. They are afraid to use makeup, simply because they have convinced themselves that they will get it wrong. makeup is art, there is no way to get it wrong, but everybody has one look that just “works” for them. a look that makes them look in the mirror, and feel beautiful.

This women’s day, find your look with us, at our free makeup session on the 7th of march but it is only through registration so sent in your confirmation at, and help us make sure, that you are not missing out on the wonders of something as ordinary as makeup.


Babita Jaishankar

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