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Dramatic Wardrobe

#Tuesday #workwardrobe Wore a skirt ( feels like a doll’s skirt ) of raw silk in true red , beige chiffon top with butterfly ( in layers ) sleeves . A day when you are working on some new concepts #dramatic has to be the theme.

Kept eyes subtle as i wanted lips to be colored pretty bright .

red skirt - 4 red skirt -1

red skirt - 3 red skirt - 2




Babita Jaishankar

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Restyled to Jacket

How do you combine style and sustainability? The weather here was nothing short of glorious, so I tried to take advantage of it by wearing a long jacket on top of a shift dress to a meet where I was invited to be part of panel discussion on lifestyle and fashion. Since this was a shawl gifted to me by someone special I didn’t want it to just sit in my wardrobe, I wanted to wear it. The jacket is restyled from an old wool shawl which was too heavy for me to wrap around. The cotton lining for the jacket also makes it less itchy (as pure wool tends to get itchy) and there are hidden buttons along the length of the jacket, making it wearable as a dress too .IMG_4829



Babita Jaishankar

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