Wardrobe restyling:

Hire us to detox your wardrobe, and experience for yourself the joy of having a fresh wardrobe and the sense of lightness and energy that it will bring into your life.


With our wardrobe restyling solutions, we help you remove all the excess items that are of no use to you and are just extra baggage(literally!). Let go of the stuff that’s not working for you and bring in just the right outfits and accessories that make you feel radiant inside out. Detox does not just mean throwing away things; like food, it’s also about right combinations and the appropriateness for an occasion, and for your body type. That’s where our 360 degree knowledge about apparel and accessories can do wonders for your wardrobe.


Post the purging and rearranging, we assure you that your wardrobe is going to be full of clothes that you will love to wear and flaunt!


This is how we are going to restyle your wardrobe:

• Review your current wardrobe for style, fit, color, relevance, coordination, and function.

• Ensure you have key wardrobe essentials in place; purge items of clothing that are not in sync with your new image goals; and identify key gaps in your wardrobe.

• Clothing is an investment in yourself, make sure you have a well-coordinated wardrobe that works 100% for the new you.

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