Wardrobe essentials for fashion savvy corporate ladies

Bangalore the ‘silicon valley’ of India and now a hub for the startups. The ladies working in these offices or CEO’s of the companies are going global or going abroad for a vacation. As a image and fashion consultant the FAQ’s I get is, What is the right thing to wear when climbing up the career path, or maybe as simple as choosing the right color of the foundation or what to wear when going for a cruise or what is the right kind of hairstyle that suits a particular bone structure.

Recently a lady who came to me started her career as a engineer and now promoted as a senior level manager of a company in Bangalore .Now she wants to restyle her whole wardrobe, moving away from sweatshirts to more formal attires to office.

Your Mom –bless her heart —loves you for who you are on the inside .But let’s face it. The rest of the world judges you- and me too based in large part on what they see on the outside

So let’s kick start this whole thing of looking and feeling good with some few key pieces in the wardrobe as a must have. These are the essentials pieces that go with other pieces in your wardrobe to create different outfits, ultimately ensuring that you look your absolute best.

Jeans : Select a couple of pairs of jeans in different shades and in styles that suits your body shape not necessarily high in trend. Jeans can be dressed up or down easily which makes them very versatile. Darker shades for dressier attire and another light wash for an everyday look.

Black trouser and a skirt: With tweed jacket or blazer can be worn to a formal meeting.

Black chudiddar and a cream colored pattiala : These can be teamed with some funky or traditional kurtis.

Black saree or a black dress: The material of the saree and the length of the dress is a personal choice. Get the style which looks spectacular on you but not necessarily trendy, so you can wear it for some time.

White shirt: Good to have shirts in different colors or lacy top but white collared shirt gives a more professional look. More over it is very versatile it goes with the black trouser or skirt, jeans or with a cardigan or sweater.

Pair of dressy shoes: Shoes in which you can really walk.

Most of the ladies don’t follow these guidelines as it seems too boring.The trick is to personalize each item to fit your individual style.Having these items in your wardrobe provides a solid foundation that practically guarantees you’ll look consistently polished.

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