Black and white in my summer wardrobe

I love colors, infact all the crayola hues as it helps you to stand out, sometimes neutrals can have as much impact .  The potential of black and white to create a 9- 5 look is noteworthy .

_MG_4859 _MG_4708


Black suit , white shirt ( selected a warmer white in pure crepe silk ) and fitted woolen blend trousers





A silk black dress with white patch on the sides .



White / beige fitted trouser with a black chiffon shirt ( in unequal length )



White crushed skirt with a long black jacket .



Black and white tweed dress.




White pencil skirt with black printed chiffon blouse .



Black tank top with white patchwork cotton skirt


Black and white tweed trousers  with black leather trimmings teamed with white crepe sleeves less shirt .


Black lace dress with a black and white printed silk scarf .


Black cotton skirt with white bat sleeves top


Linen trousers with black and white tweed trimmings  with black t shirt and scarf .

Try black and white this summer 🙂


Babita Jaishankar


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