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Dancing Beads

It is a common belief that the more money tossed out, the better the look guaranteed. Sadly, this is naught but myth, and a good look cannot be bought (unless it’s a image consultant you’re hiring, that is 😉 ). The truth is, you don’t have to spend money to look good. A little creativity can work wonders, making you look great! Let me give you an example, like this necklace.

IMG_4804 IMG_4810

  • This necklace is a day’s work, the time broken up by other daily activities. The idea I can claim, yet it was my sister who materialized the vague wisp of imagination. The neck piece was a ball of pink silk yarn at first, and that, coupled with a pair of crotchet needles, and a few hours produced this work of art. Yet something lacked, even after the pink necklace was finished and much exclaimed over. Thus the ‘faux’ pearls, I like to call them were stitched in place. The need to stitch on the ‘pearls’ awoke in me late at night, and I couldn’t sleep till I was done. The happiness of wearing the completed work of art made it all worth it though….    Love                                                                                                                                                                                                        Babita Jaishankar
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