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Dancing Beads

It is a common belief that the more money tossed out, the better the look guaranteed. Sadly, this is naught but myth, and a good look cannot be bought (unless it’s a image consultant you’re hiring, that is 😉 ). The truth is, you don’t have to spend money to look good. A little creativity can work wonders, making you look great! Let me give you an example, like this necklace.

IMG_4804 IMG_4810

  • This necklace is a day’s work, the time broken up by other daily activities. The idea I can claim, yet it was my sister who materialized the vague wisp of imagination. The neck piece was a ball of pink silk yarn at first, and that, coupled with a pair of crotchet needles, and a few hours produced this work of art. Yet something lacked, even after the pink necklace was finished and much exclaimed over. Thus the ‘faux’ pearls, I like to call them were stitched in place. The need to stitch on the ‘pearls’ awoke in me late at night, and I couldn’t sleep till I was done. The happiness of wearing the completed work of art made it all worth it though….    Love                                                                                                                                                                                                        Babita Jaishankar
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Rags to riches

Rags to Riches…

Looks like, the passion to work with fabrics runs in the family. As we at BAJA are into manufacturing our own garments we produce lot of scraps too. Being a Green family we tend to use up the scraps.

So this ‘summer vacation makeover project’ was to make rag dolls. Ashu my teenage daughter is the one with the right ideas and she was the teacher/ instructor/ supervisor.  So in this project there were two of my kids Ashu , Esha  and their two cousin sisters ( Sithu and Shalu )

The outline of the dolls were drawn on to white cotton cloth and cut.


The edges were stitched , it was amazing to see how these 8 to 14 year old

stitched the dolls together .


Two of them stitched it and turned it inside out and the other two just hemmed it with different colored thread.


Scraps of fabric were shredded ( I think they enjoyed this more ) to fill up the dolls .


Crochet thread were used for hair, this was the most time consuming part as each hair needed to be hand stitched.


Also saw redheads


Yep it was all worth it for this …..



Now they are busy with making clothes for the doll, so the story continues …….

Signing off for now…

Babita Jaishankar

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