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Moong and mint – for acne prone skin

It is Sunday, time to pamper yourself with some homemade concoctions for bright and calming skin . The ingredients needed are  –

1. Finely powdered whole green moong dal ( washed and dried )

2. 1 tbsp  Fresh mint juice ( just for the face pack )

3 . Few drops of olive oil ( just for the body scrub )

4. Organic turmeric

Why moong dal and mint for skin care ?

Moong dal  provides significant amounts of thiamine (vitamin B1), folate ( vitamin B9) as well as vitamin B5 and vitamin B6. Vitamin B 1 is an antioxidant that helps to increase blood circulation and protects  from the effects of aging. Vitamin B 5 has shown the capability to reduce oil formation and thus, reduces acne formation. It has also become very popular in skin care industry because of its ability to assist in retaining moisture.  It helps hydrate and hydrated skin appears plumper, healthier and shows signs of aging much slower. Vitamin B5 is also needed for healthy growth and production to fight eczema.

Vitamin B also serves as an effective skin lightening agent. With regular usage you can see your hyper pigmentation decreasing.

In addition to this, it contains high levels of the minerals iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc that cuts the excess oil that causes the acne .

Mint is great for acne and cools and calms skin.


Face pack –

Finely ground moong dal +pinch turmeric+ mint juice, mixed in buttermilk . Apply it and leave it for 20 min and wash it with lukewarm water .

Body scrub –

Ground moong dal + turmeric 1tsp+ olive oil . Use it as body scrub , in circular motion moving upward .

This pack is good for skin affected by hyper-pigmentation and is acne prone .

Enjoy and have a bright and cool Sunday .


Babita Jaishankar


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