Image Makeover:

An image makeover can turnaround your personal and professional life. But this is not about changing you; it is about presenting you in the right light, so that the world gets to see your true potential and your own unique personality. By equipping you with the knowledge of what works best for you, and how to present yourself, we empower you to maximize your potential. Our aim is to let the real you shine through!

Imagine putting together an outfit for a special occasion. We think of the occasion, how we would like to present ourselves, and then set about collecting garments and accessories that complement each other. We will not dare think of wearing a blue nail polish with an all red traditional dress. That is the same principle at play when we talk about a complete image makeover.  It ensures that every aspect of your transformation is in complete harmony with the rest of the changes.

What we will do in our session:

  • Color Analysis
  • Style Analysis
  • Makeup Consultation
  • Hair Consultation
  • Wardrobe Analysis

Ready to really redefine yourself? Contact us now!

Personal Shopping:

“My wardrobe is overflowing, but I have nothing to wear!” Ever felt this way? Fret not, you are not alone. In any given wardrobe, a lot of clothes lie unused due to various reasons. We make sure that they get the love they deserve, by matching them with the right articles of clothing and accessories, and demonstrating the right way to wear each outfit. We help you discover a whole new range of clothes, right out of your existing wardrobe. We also help with you rearranging and acquiring the right sets of wardrobe basics that match your lifestyle and goals. Once you have these essentials in place, you will never again feel the pressure of shopping right before an important occasion, for lack of appropriate clothing.

This approach is not only good for your heart and pocket, but it’s also environment friendly. You not only get to go green, but also turn others green (with envy!).

Shopping is a very personal experience. While shopping is fun, women also know how nerve racking it can be to buy an expensive outfit without being sure whether one is going to actually wear it. We are also very familiar with the anxiety of not being sure which outfit is appropriate for a certain occasion and if we are paying the right price for it.

How about an expert friend to guide you this process? We offer personal shopping solutions, where our on-panel experts act as your personal shopper. With us, you will rediscover the joy of shopping, and get the best value for your money at the same time!

When you hire us as your personal shopper:

• Know what to buy:  Understand Do’s and Don’ts while shopping for yourself, and how to work around your assets and buy the right outfits.

• Know where to buy: You will shop in stores that match your style preferences and needs, and you can enjoy shopping with your very own personal shopper selecting the clothes that suit you.

• Know why you are investing in an outfit:             Benefit from the expertise of our Designer/Consultant selecting items for you, and also her critique of why an item is suitable or not, and witness creative ways to pull outfits together.

• The result: Build a wardrobe of clothes that look amazing on you and  make you feel confident and fabulous.

 Wardrobe restyling:

Hire us to detox your wardrobe, and experience for yourself the joy of having a fresh wardrobe and the sense of lightness and energy that it will bring into your life.

With our wardrobe restyling solutions, we help you remove all the excess items that are of no use to you and are just extra baggage(literally!). Let go of the stuff that’s not working for you and bring in just the right outfits and accessories that make you feel radiant inside out. Detox does not just mean throwing away things; like food, it’s also about right combinations and the appropriateness for an occasion, and for your body type. That’s where our 360 degree knowledge about apparel and accessories can do wonders for your wardrobe.

Post the purging and rearranging, we assure you that your wardrobe is going to be full of clothes that you will love to wear and flaunt!

This is how we are going to restyle your wardrobe:

• Review your current wardrobe for style, fit, color, relevance, coordination, and function.

• Ensure you have key wardrobe essentials in place; purge items of clothing that are not in sync with your new image goals; and identify key gaps in your wardrobe.

• Clothing is an investment in yourself, make sure you have a well-coordinated wardrobe that works 100% for the new you.

Colour Profiling:

 Ever wondered how yellow looks stunning on some people and gaudy on others? Colours are the first thing that we subconsciously notice about a person’s clothing, accessories and makeup. Yet, when it comes to shopping for our own wardrobe, we end up buying colours that please our eye, or something that is ‘in’ for the season.

Colours have wavelengths too! Some complement you, some don’t. For each individual, there will be a certain set of colors and combinations that will bring out the best in them. What are yours?

We are here to offer expert advice on picking the right colours that suit your skin color, body type, and everything else that makes you, uniquely you.

What we will do in our session:

Assess how colours affect your features and discover those that look good on you.

  1. Find optimal colour combinations and simple ways to co-ordinate them to create a great outfit.
  2. Experiment with new ways to wear your colours and learn how to easily enhance your wardrobe.


Style Profiling:

Each individual has a unique style, which has nothing to do with the current fad or fashion trend. Identifying that personal style can be the very first and most important step in creating the right image, which really reflects what you are.

Remember the transformations of Rekha and Karishma Kapoor? Today, both of them are considered timeless examples of elegance and beauty. But there was a time when it was not so. What brought in the transformation is their willingness to explore and unearth their own beauty trapped underneath inappropriate clothing and makeup. The moment they discovered their personal style, everything else fell in place by itself, including success and accolades.

So, are you sure your current style is letting the real you shine through? Come and discover for yourself!

Our style profiling experts will help you by analysing and identifying your personal style, and then work around it to create outfits that are made just for you!

In a typical session, we will

Understand and guide you through the process of discovering how you would like the world to see you.

  • Assess your body shape, and suggest cuts, colors and silhouttes that will accentuate your best features.
  • Create a styple profile that fits your personality, aspired image and your body type.
  • Suggest what kind of accessories compliment you best.
  • Guide you in selecting the styles of Indian and western wear that will flatter your individual proportions.
  • Offer tips on concealing figure flaws.


Hair and Makeup Transformations:

As any movie diva or catwalk queen would confess, it’s the makeup and hair that can make or break the look. No wonder they spend obscene amounts on getting the perfect look before sashaying down the red carpet or the catwalk.

But the truth is, getting your hair and makeup right is not that complicated, provided you have discovered what works for you and what doesn’t. Finding the right haircut and color, the right shade of lipstick and eyeliner, can make your job of getting ready for work or a social outing effortless.

Our hair and makeup transformation solutions are geared to transform you in subtle ways, so that your makeup and hair look natural yet elegant.

What will we do in the sessions?

  • Understand what kind of look you are interested in.
  • Realistically estimate how much time you can spend on a regular basis to maintain the look.
  • Assess how colors affect your features to discover those that look good on you.
  • Explain how to balance your hair style with your face contours and body frame.
  • Identify your best features and guide you on accentuating them.
  • Offer tips on hiding features that you wouldn’t want to draw attention to.
  • Create a daily plan for basic skin care.
  • Equip you to create a natural day look and a stunning evening look within minutes.
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  1. Moin

    Hello Babita,
    Could you please advise how much you charge for complete makeover service. Email me at

  2. gunjan

    Hello Babita,

    Please advise as to the charges for hair and makeup makeovers…many thanks!

  3. Hi Babita,
    Recently I came to know about color analysis and image consultation. I had no idea they were widespread in India too. Having always struggled with what colors to buy, spent thousands on apparels I never touched again, what clothes would suit my weird pear shaped body type, which lipstick shade would suit me, which hairstyles I can do with my long hair etc. I have always been confused and never confident.
    Would appreciate your advice. I would also like to know the charges for the full consultation. Please mail me


  4. sangeeta sharma

    Hello Babita,
    Could you please advise how much you charge for complete makeover service?

  5. Heya Babita. 🙂 I am very excited as to how you can help me enhance my image. Could you please send me the pricing details on my id. Thanks

  6. Aishwarya

    Hi Babita, I would like to meet you for an image makeover. Can you share details on pricing and appointment?

  7. Maya

    Hi Babita,

    I am writing to you on behalf of my sister. Please let me know how this is structured in terms of duration and cost.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  8. Aruna

    Hi Babita,

    can you please mail me the details for contacting you and the charges that are applicable


  9. Hi Babita,

    can you please mail me the details for contacting you and the charges that are applicable


  10. Ruchika

    Hi Babita, I am in desperate need for a corporate and individual makeover. Ready to re-vamp my wardrobe, hair, accessories and make-up. Would love to cultivate a brand of my own. need help! Please get in touch with me at my details below. thanks a lot! Ruchika

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